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Today, I've got two things to talk about.  One is a possible transfer and the other is about last night's huge game.  So, let's get started.


Transfer of the Day- Mutu to Roma?  Fiorentina's best striker from last season could be on the move to Roma.  The Romans have officially made a bid for the player that said that he wanted to end his career at Fio.  The 29-year old Romanian has really became one of the best stories of the sports world.  About like Josh Hamilton, Mutu rebounded from a cocaine addiction that practically kept him out of the game for a couple of seasons.  After his very good performance for Romania in the Euro, it's no surprise to see someone make a move for him.  But let's be honest.  Fiorentina doesn't own Mutu anything, but he owes them everything he has right now.  If it wasn't for Fio, he probably wouldn't be playing.  Fiorentina stuck their neck out for Adrian Mutu and it payed off.  And I think that Mutu has finally realized this and I really don't see him going to Roma.  Plus, you can't just get rid of him because he is a large part of that Fio team.  Without him, they wouldn't be in the Champions League.  As a soccer fan, I have to say that I want him to stay put.  Fiorentina are way too entertaining and I think they have an outside shot to win the Serie A this year.  They are also capable of making a run in the Champions League, so watch out.  Europe will be flooded with purple this season.


Yesterday's Big Result- Toronto loses out on Champions League action.  When the Canadian Championship was first announced, I have to say that I was very skeptical about it.  I thought that Toronto FC would just run through all of the matches and would end up in the CONCACAF Champions League in August.  But the Montreal Impact had a different idea.  The USL 1st Division side made things very difficult for Toronto and coming into the match, they had 6 points from three matches.  Toronto only had 4 points through 3 matches.  This meant that a draw would give Montreal the Canadian Championship and only a win would win it for Toronto.  The match was played in front of the unforgiving Toronto FC fans and the advantage was great.  But it wasn't great enough.  Toronto was able to score pretty early but Montreal got one back before the end of the first half and then they were able to hold on.  Excellent goalkeeping and time-wasting (something that all decent goalkeepers should be able to do) by Montreal goalkeeper Matt Jordan kept the Impact in it and that was all they needed.  The Impact were able to hold Toronto at home to a 1-1 draw.  With Montreal's win, they will face Real Estali of Nicaragua in the Preliminary Round of the CONCACAF Champions League.  The two leg-tied will be played in last August and early September.  I will have more on the CCL in the future.



I just want to remind you that I will not be here until next Tuesday or Wednesday.  I'm going on vacation and I hope some of you will do the report while I'm gone.  You can take turns or whatever.  Thanks and as always, it's been Keeper and I'm out. 


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