Stay on Target!

In NMI's continuing Meet the Members saga, you have been introduced to twelve users of (mostly) sound mind who have helped ease your terrible boredom by filling you in on the fascinating journeys that are their lives.  Those interviews can be re-read again and again for sheer enjoyment using these links: 

rstowe, porkins, NCshvDavidGoodellT-fo, Duquesne, Jimmer, Hiya, BSchwartz, The Ram, Ghosthunter, and Bigalke

But for now, let's move onto something new.  Lucky number 13 belongs to our golden gopher... 0x!

What made you want to join NMI?

Well, I was always aware of the many idiots. I saw who was in NMI, and I figured that it would be some sort of 'promised land' or something, haha. Originally, I applied and didn't get in. Then, all of a sudden, I got a message out of nowhere saying that Porkins had brought me up for discussion and that I was in. So I guess I have Porkins to thank. Three cheers for Porkins!

What do you like best about FN?

The fact that there are people all across the country (and world) who are fun to talk to, and can make some great conversations. When you are stuck with something (sick, injuries, etc.) it can be a fun thing to do.

What do you like least about FN?

Two things. First, the lack of comments (as rstowe mentioned in one of the best blogs I have ever read). I know I wasn't the first, and I won't be the last; but it annoys me so much. Nearly every throwdown I am in, people just vote against me and don't say why. I don't care if you vote against me, I just want a reason. In blogs, it is even worse. I try to put effort into my writing, and I consider myself a decent writer, and nobody will take four seconds to say what they think. I've had a blog with 800+ views get 1 comment, and another one with 3000+ get 9 or something.

Secondly, it would have to be some of the people. The people who have no lives and just go on here to trash others. I don't have any specific problems with people, but just in general.

Any members of Fannation help get you where you are today?

Three, actually. BSchwartz was, well, I guess you could consider him my mentor. He helped me out a lot when I first got here. Secondly was Krobe. He is no longer here, but he was a huge help for me. He showed me many more things that I could do, and was a big help in general. Finally, there was Wallace. He was basically the first person I talked to and he gave me some key pointers on blogging. I also have gotten help from GOAT, Super Squirrel and Coletrain, among others. But I'd say BSchwartz, Krobe and Wallace were helped me get to where I am today.

What drew you to join FanNation?

I think I was sick on a random day. I was reading Sports Illustrated, saw the advertisement, and I decided to check it out. I was really interested, so I made an account. And here I am today.

What do you (plan to) do for a living?

Honestly, I don't really know; I'm only 15, haha. I am interested in politics though, so who knows? Maybe I'll be President one day. Can I count on your votes?

What are your goals in life?

Again, I really don't know yet. I guess I'd like to live a happy life and have fun with what I am doing.

If you could go to one sporting event before you die, what would that be and why?

Oh, man. I can't choose just one. I guess I'll give you three:

First, it would be a Maryland-Duke game. Not UNC-Duke, but Maryland-Duke. At Comcast Center since I could then cheer with the Terps faithful. They are supposed to have the rowdiest fans in the ACC, and I think it would be really fun.

Second, it would be a World Series game with the Twins playing. I love baseball, and I love the Twins. I can't imagine what a World Series game would be like, but I am certain it would be great. If I could cheer my favorite team on, I'm sure it would be an excellent time.

Finally, it would be the Minnesota state championship game in either baseball or basketball. Only, by attending, I'd be...playing. High school sports are so fun. Freshman games are kind of a joke, but I've cheered on my school in the state tournament in for girls basketball, and the state baseball tournament is a great experience. I can't imagine what it would be like to play at the Target Center in front of 15,000 people for the state title.

When did you first become a sports fan and what drew you in?

My dad used to be involved with sports and stuff, and I was around him when I was little, so I guess that drew me in.

What was/is your favorite subject in school and why?

I don't know anymore. I don't mind the assignments I get for English, but then again, it's English. I will say that it definitely isn't math. So, I guess I'd say History.

Who is your greatest sports idol?

I have a lot, haha. I'd say the top three are Joe Mauer, D.J. Strawberry and Erin Henderson.

Who is your greatest non-sports idol?

Again, there are a lot. I can't really choose one.

What was the first live sporting event you attended?

I don't remember it, but it was a Twins-Orioles game where Eddie Murray got his 3,000th hit. I have no idea what happened, but I guess my dad has a program from it.

What is your fondest sports memory?

Once again, there are a lot. It is probably one of my game-winning, game-ending hits in baseball. But on a professional level, it was meeting and talking to both Joe Mauer and D.J. Strawberry. It was awesome getting a chance to talk to the guys that I admire. I've been to a lot of great games, but in the end, athletes are people just like you and I, so talking to those guys was great.

What do you do in your free time away from FanNation?

I hang out with my friends, play sports. The usual for a high school kid, I guess.