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I just read a truth and rumors article that says landon donovan might be headed to europe. This was the first time i had even heard a whisper about LD to europe and i didnt take it as too much. But then i started reading all the comments from people on the wall that were responding and i became damn near irrate. Its the same old story of landon haters trying to spew more garbage his way, and as an american soccer fan im tired of it! I was not a watchful fan in 2002 and its one of my regrets because im sure it was great to watch us succedde at the international level. And guess who had a huge part to play in all of that? Landon Donovan. Admittedly when i was an avid USMNT supporter in 06 he failed to deliver, but so did the entire team. He did show guts against Italy and wasnt a total bust, although some of his back passing in lue of attacking was frustrating. Hes also a mutli MLS Cup champ, and im sure none of his haters count that for much but in all those teams he was a leader, a goal scorer and an eventual champion. He has also been on multiple gold cup winning teams, of which he was also a top contributor. It seems that all the hate that gets directed his way is based on his inability to rise to the lofty goals other people have set for him. He never became the great savior of american soccer that we seem to annoint every five years or so. And because he was just good and not great or world class, he is somehow not worthy of respect for the things hes done. At the age of 26 he is already his country leading goal scorer, and with probably 8 or 10 more years on the national team he will far exceede the mark he broke. So why all the hate? Maybe these people support other MLS clubs and dont like when LD comes to town, or maybe they are apart of the euro wannabe americans who cant bring themselves to support their own country and walk around sporting brazil jerseys like it will make them more soccer elite. How will the rest of the world ever respect our soccer teams and soccer history if we openly hate our own stars. He is the best american born soccer talent ever produced by this country, and until either jozy or freddy  meet the expectations he has lived with, or crack under them, landon donovan should be respected for what he has done.


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