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I've heard a lot of talk, and read lots of articles about Bret Favre's situation. And lots of NY fans saying the Jets should make a run at him. This got me thinking, why would anyone want him on this team? A few years ago the Simpsons (yes the Simpson's tv show) had a show where none of the family knew how to play tennis, but were going to play a doubles tennis match. They wanted to win so bad, that they got Pete Sampras to play in Homer's place, Andre Agassi to play as Bart, And Venus and Serena to play as Marge and Lisa in this doubles match. At the end, no one even remembered who had won, or who was playing as a stand in for who.

My point is this. At what point is this the NY Jets, and at what point is it the cast of stand in's trying to get a championship to NY at any cost? Then there is the matter of the last stand QB. This is Jonny Unitas, Joe Montana in a KC uniform, Neil O'donnell even coming off a Super Bowl and coming to the Jets 10+ years ago. It is now less than 2 months before football season starts. How in the world do you expect to bring a guy in and give him a new playbook, tell him the season starts in 45 days or so, and lead us to a championship?

It takes years for a QB to learn a system well. Maybe a season, maybe two, but certainly not 45 days or so, and off to the races. I don't care who it is, even if it's Brett Favre. I hope the "win now" mentality doesn't take a hold of the front office, because I don't see him running the offense better than either Clemmons or Pennington. Even if he's a better quarterback, he will not be a better leader of the offense than 2 players that have been learning the system for two years.

Lastly, what happens if the Jets do trade away draft picks or some other commodity for Favre? What happens when you've given up a 2nd or 3rd round pick for this guy, and he goes 1-4 the first 5 games? What happens when he throws 3 TD's and 6 INT's? Do you bench the guy you just gave up draft picks for just a month or two ago, or do you let him struggle all through the season? The point is this, I agree that Favre is a great player, and is an NFL legend. But, if he wants to go to another team, even one that plays a west coast offense, he won't have enough time to be more than average for any team. He is just doing himself a disservice, and anyone who would trade for him.  Hopefully, this Jets team continues to build towards the future, and not bet it all on the prayer of a savior QB.


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