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First actual blog in awhile so enjoy (or not). Well, first of all, the reason I'm writing this is because of a number of things, including

 1. Efbasketball's blog (a good read I might add)

2. Comments I've seen

3. A general enthusiasm for this guy

Now first, homeristic attitude aside, I believe that Rivera is the better closer this year. The great thing about this comparison is that both Rivera and Rodriquez have the exact same amount of innings pitched this year. I think that clearly Rivera is the more dominant pitcher, shown by his leading Rodriguez in ERA, Hits Allowed, Runs Allowed, Earned Runs Allowed, Strikeouts, Walks, Homeruns allowed, and of course Blown Saves. In fact, the only thing Rodriguez is leading right now (out of major stats, of course) is saves, which his numbers there have been phenomenal. These are simple facts that show testament to how great Rivera is and in no way is it a knock on Rodriguez.

You can choose who you think has been more impressive this year and can formulate your own decisions, but that's not the real point I want to make here.

 Now, obviously, Rodriguez will go down in history for whatever reason (however at this point I think the chances are high that it will be for most saves in a season unless something terrible happens), which I think is fabulous. His placed in history is earned and I don't see how this leaves him as under OR over rated.

However, I have seen comments, blogs, conversations, ESPN analasysts opinions, general rumbling, etc, etc, on the fact that Francisco Rodriguez, closer for the LA Angels, should be getting a decent amount of MVP talk and should even be in the top 5 or 3 (depending of course on whoever's rantings you have had the mispleasure of encountering***).

***On a side note, why is it that whenever someone seems to like to talk about the great closer debate tempers flare, arguments occur, insults (as well as chairs) are hurled back and forth between one another. Huh. Ah, got sidetracked again. My bad.

This is where I must draw the line of course. MVP talk? For Francisco Rodriguez. Nay i say.

Now, whether Cy Young contention is in the mix is really not the point I am trying to come upon. Basically, I could care less how you rank him in that. However, I still cannot fathom the reasons that you would like to put this man at MVP. It absolutely blows my mind.

Alright, at the time I am writing this, the Angels are sitting at a cool 63-39 meaning they have played in 102 games so far. Now, going off your basic baseball game, that comes to 918 innings total in just regulation play and for this argument, I won't even enter the equation of extra innings played for the angels, however I'm assuming it will bring us into the 925-930 innings for the Angels total. Again though, I'll just use the basic 918 innings.

Now, Francisco has managed to pitch in 46.1 innings this year, or in more practical terms, about 5% (5.02% using that 918 innings) of the Angels total innings. How is it that someone can determine that the most valuable player, not only in the league, but even ONLY on the Angels (holding the best record in baseball) is Mr. Rodriguez? It blows my mind that someone can even think about giving the MVP to a man who's only played in 5% of the innings that the Angels have played.

Now, I know the general theme is to barrage me with the come back "Yeah, but it's him deciding the game late." Congratulations. You have just managed to TOTALLY throw out the efforts of the countless number of Angels not only hitters who worked to give K-rod his lead, but the relief and starting pitchers that had to hold on to that about for all of the innings before the miraculous Rodriguez comes onto the field.

Now, in no way am I trying to undermine his efforts. He's been a great player this year and a valuable asset to the team. However, I still wonder how people can even put him into consideration over players who play almost 90% of the innings for a team. The Alex Rodriguez's. The Josh Hamilton's. The *insert any great position player you feel can fit into the equation*'s.

K-rod has been great this year. We know this. No one's denying it. However, MVP? I think not.



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