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This is part 3 of my 35 day series, I have received alot of fan mail from people telling me that I couldn't do this because it was to hard, and what not, but it's ok I consider myself the Rudy of people with to much time of there hands.

 I also decided to switch this from The FGCFF's Blog to my own, so I can keep track of it.


My Sleeper in the Big 10 is (Drumroll please)............. The Purdue Boilermakers.


There is one main reason that I have Purdue as a great sleper team, OFFENSE, Purdue is gonna have a dynamite offense. At QB Curtis Painer is the best thing to happen to Purde since Drew Brees, last year he threw for almost 4,000 yards and this year he's gonna be a senior and back for more. He will not break the 4,00 yards mark because Purde has come out and said that with they wish to run the Ball more this season considering that they lost 2 of there 3 starting WRs and have 2 Senior RB's. This Season look for Jaycen Taylor to split carries with Korey Sheets. Taylor will get more carries this season because 1. He has more playing time under his belt and 2. He is less fumble prone than Sheets.

 Don't let my hyping up the running game mislead you though, Most of Purdue's yards will be made through the passing game. Most of the Balls thrown will be in the direction of Senior Greg Orten, who is the only WR coming back with some playing time under his belt, He'll break the 1,000 yard mark in receiving this season. Desmond Tarty who is also a Receiver will be the WR lining up on the other side of the field, he is not the most tallentedguy, but one of the only ones who have received a large portion of playing time, look for him to get most of the reps not taken by Orten, he will also be returning Kicks. At TE Kyle Adams will get the ball throw to him alot more than in previous years. No matter what Purdue does this season, you can be sure of one thing, this offense will be fantastic.

If there is one positive thing I can say about the defense, it is this, it's very expirienced. There are only two projected starters that aren't either juniors or Seniors. The bigest stregnth will have to be the rushing D, they are getting most of there starters back on the d-line, that was one of the better D-lines in the nation. The biggest question mark on this squad has to be the secondary, they  lost half of a secondary that ranked 75th in the nation, in other words, they can't stop the pass, which is crucial in the Big 10, which is turning into a passing focused confrence.

Here's a look at there schedule with a * by potential losses

9/06Northern Colorado W9/13Oregon *9/20Central Michigan W9/27@ Notre Dame W10/04Penn State *10/11@ Ohio State *10/18@ Northwestern W10/25Minnesota W11/01Michigan W11/08@ Michigan State *11/15@ Iowa *11/22Indiana W

I see 5 potential losses on there schedule, and I know what your thinking, What about Michigan, well I can't sse them losing to Michigan and here's why.

1. Michigan won't be able to take advantage of Purude's weak secondary because of there sad passing attak

2. Purdue Will be able to pass all over michigan's limping secondary

3. it's at Purdue

Overall, I see Paude's record ranging from 7-5 to 10-2. They havea legitment chance of being either a second team in the BCS, or a Nice Capitol ONE Bowl berth.


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