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The Throwdown Page: This is very strange to me. Not that I care so much about the topic of the throwdown being made, but the quantity is quite populous for reasons that are unimaginable. (Do you like my terrific vocabulary? Because I sure don't. I like small words. That's what is going on in the throwdown page today, and it is getting quite weird honestly with the big break out of these throwdowns on the topic. It is the topic of "Who Is Going To The Superbowl?" Almost every throwdown has the Cowboys and Patriots... Way to go out on a limb there, eh?

My Fanmail: So today, I got an FM of a friend request. (Don't worry, I will keep this person anonymous or however the hell you spell it. I cannot spell or type tonight.). Anyway, I accepted. Then about 10 or 20 minutes later... I get a group invitation. It had the title of "I Hate The Patriots" and I was lost... I mean honestly, I have like 10 pics of Tom Brady in my profile and the Patriots for that matter. Who would think to send me that thing? Sort of odd, I would say.

My Throwdowns: I haven't done anything recently, so I have nothing to complain or talk about here. Nothing strange went on and nothing is turning into a plot against the world, so you all are safe on the matter. Unless Ghosthunter runs through streaking and screaming that monkeys will rule the world... and whatever. Who knows?

My Comments: I have been leaving more informative comments recently than before. I guess it is for reasons that I cannot even consider because, quite frankly, I don't know why. They have just been more thought out. Oh well, I must be sick or something.

Groups: I think I should cut down... I stay active in as many as possible, but I cannot stay active in all of them. So I may leave some of them. The Slowey McChoke Fan Group shall live on until America is not obese anymore... Then I guess that is never going to happen.

Now, it is your turn to do something for me, in which I will do in return. I need you people that are interested, to help me come up with topics of short stories that I can do. Short story as in, ONE BLOG PER STORY. So I will keep it sweet, they will be comical, as long as your topics of choice are. Because recently, humor has been quite sluggish here. I know you people have a sense of humor, so let's hear it. I hope I can get a few ideas. I will take requests into consideration and hopefully have a story for all of you in the next few days. Thank you everyone for wasting 10 minutes of your life or staring blankly at the page.

Good day to you all.  



That's all folks!


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