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I am sick of all the rage with the Ohio State Buckeyes. I am having second thoughts on them running away with the conference myself. The team in my mind standing in the way of the Buckeyes is the Michigan Wolverines. Call me a homer, call me a homer, call me anything you want, but I have an explanation ready as to how Michigan can beat the Buckeyes and possibly the conference title.

Take a look at the Wolverines season from MY angle.

Michigan is a young team, sure. Analysts and other people are saying that they don't have a chance at the Big Ten title. I, myself. I do believe that they can win. The young team thing is not very effective against me. We have seen the Wolverines win the Big  Ten Title 4 years back with Chad Henne as a freshman, Michael Hart as a freshman, and Jake Long as a freshman. Then they brought in Mario Manningham and Adrian Arrington in the year after and they turned into stars on the team. So I am not buying this "They are young" garbage. The talent lies within the player not based on their years in the league because magic dust doesn't get sprinkled over the players who get a year older in the NCAAF. It doesn't work that way.

Next is the offense switching to the Spread Offense. I strongly have to say that they have new players like Sam McGuffie who will fit well into the spread. Also, the Offensive line is going to make a few changes, however they are not going to do a great deal of difference. They will have to more-so accelerate the defensive line to the left and right instead of blocking them into one place. Stephen Threet is the QB for the Wolverines as of right now, which Rich Rodriguez says. Threet is a transer from Georgia Tech. The team that likes to use Scrambling and Rushing QB's at their school. I think Threet will fit well and the Receivers will adapt to the game with their running routes. They have one returning WR in Greg Matthews and new receivers in which are going to be part of their first college offensive scheme. So I think they will fit well. I don't see a huge problem with this.

Next is their defense. Nobody now is doubting their defense. Especially after reeling in a 6'3 Cornerback. The average size of a receiver. The defense should not do bad, maybe even improve since they will learn to stop a pro-style offense (in which a lot of them know, now) and they will be more familiar with the Spread offense and learn the flaws to it and how they can bring it down if needed to. Learning the new system on defense and having them play the way they have been should be at Michigan's advantage here. I am not worried about their defense.

Now, onto the conference. Ron Zooks brought the Spread offense into Illinois and it is finally getting at teams in the Big Ten. Illinois had success in the Big Ten with it. They didn't have the greatest skilled players either. However, Michigan has a better defense than them going into the league this year than Illinois did last year. Michigan's spread offense should work to their advantage in the Big Ten because a lot of Big Ten teams are pphased by it and do not know how to answer to it. I would say that Michigan can bring down teams in the Big Ten.

Which brings me to my final point. Ohio State is 0-4 against SEC teams and just lost 2 straight National Championship games to SEC which used the Spread Offense and crushed the Ohio State Buckeyes both times. Also, this is a rivalry game. Anything can happen in a rivalry game. James Lauranitis is suppose to be a big threat too. AJ Hawk was suppose to be a threat to us and the Michigan offensive line snapped his arm like a twig and he couldn't play after that in the game. With that said, I believe the Wolverines have as good of a shot at this conference and the game against Ohio State as good as anybody.

I hope this is taken into consideration because in college football, anything can happen!

Thanks for reading, have a great day everyone!

Go Maize And Blue!


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