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So yeah, if you may or may not have noticed. I was in South Carolina from the 28th of June to the 18th of July. So I am going to tell about all that I have done, because I am so bored I am telling all of you folks.

So first off, I went to some Anniversary party. (Boy, lots of old people there. I'll tell ya'.). It was full of Ohio State Buckeye fans. They made up so many lies about Michigan that were untrue and everything. It was so stupid and I was laughing at them whenever they said anything. This party was in the town of Wapakoneta, Ohio. That was a 3 hour car ride from my house.

So next, I went to South Carolina. Right on the border of Georgia too. From there it was about a 12 hour drive. On the way, we got big fireworks that were illegal in Michigan. So after the arrival, I went to Atlanta, Georgia and did the following:

The World Of Coke:

This is a place that tells how Coca-Cola has evolved over the years. There is also the Taste Room where you can taste different types of COke products from different countries. However, the Coca-Cola formula is the same in every country, so it tastes the same everywhere. Coke Products like Fanta, are not. So they are different.

Zoo Atlanta:

Trust me, it's just a Zoo. It's biggest attraction are the baby Pandas. (Hey, I saw none...)

The Cyclorama:

A Cyclorama is a 360 Degree painting and there are only 4 left in the world. The Painting is 4 Stories high and like 3 or 4 hundred feet in diameter. The painting itself that I went to was worth $16,000,000. It was pretty cool. The seats move you around the painting and lights flash. It's epic.

Stone Mountain:

Here is a neat place. I went on a Duckboat tour there. If you don't know what a duckboat is, it is a boat that drives on land at a top speed of about 30 MPH, and in the water only 5 MPH. The term "Sitting Duck" actually came from riding in a Duckboat. Then we say an ultra cool laser show on the wall that you may be looking at above. "Deal With The Devil" (With Johnny and his Banjo) was probably my favorite part of it. It had crazy flames that shot 100 feet in the air and had tons of fireworks. One of the greatest things ever. NOTE: The people on the Stone are Jefferson David, General Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

Turner Field:

Yes, I went to a Braves game on the 4th of July. Yes, they won like 6-2. I sat in a suite and it was awesome. I went to meet Tom Glavine but he turned and ran away and someone called him a "Cheap SOB". So after that as we were leaving we saw the Fireworks display. I did something that many people do not do. I was able to go down on the field and see the Fireworks from there. It was awesome in Georgia.

So after that, I built more and more onto the fence. (Which was the main point I was in South Carolina).

Then I went camping, shot off fireworks, bought a Nintendo Wii, and everything you could imagine, I guess... So I had a particulary good Summer, and it is not over yet.

That was just a bg highlight for me and people may want to have heard what happened. Thanks for taking the time to read this, have a nice day, everyone!


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