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Yes, I know that the football season isn't here yet but I can't go without it for too long.  I will just be throwing football stuff out here in this blog, starting with Super Bowl chances for each team.


1. Dallas Cowboys, 4-1

The Dallas Cowboys are coming into this season as the best team in the league and that little bit of playoff expirience last year can only help star quarterback Tony Romo.  If it wasn't for Tom Brady's magnificent year, Romo would have probably won MVP.  Dallas had a good draft, picking up a much needed runningback and cornerback in Felix Jones and Mike Jenkins, respectivly.  With Terrell Owens and Marion Barber still around, Dallas should be everyone's Super Bowl favorite.


2. San Diego Chargers, 6-1

This may be the Chargers last season to win a Super Bowl for the next few years.  LaDanian Tomlinson, the main piece to this team, will likely be stepping out of his prime after this year.  But thankfully, the Chargers do have the right pieces in place for a Super Bowl this year.  Phillip Rivers is a solid pocket passer and recievers like Vincent Jackson and TE Antonio Gates should make him even better.  Antonio Cromartie is the best cornerback in the league and Jamal Williams and Shawne Merriman should both improve after having off years last year.


3. New England Patriots, 7-1

You can never count the Patriots out of the Super Bowl race, as long as they have Tom Brady, who has already racked up three rings in his career so far, and just missed a fourth last year.  Wes Welker and Randy Moss had excellent years last year and should do even better this year since Brady doesn't have to use up stats on Donte' Stallsworth.  Laurence Maroney is a good runningback whenever the Pats need him, thanks to a good offensive line.  They lost star cornerback Asante Samuel in the off-season but veterans like Mike Vrabel and Adilius Thomas and youngsters like Jerod Mayo and Terrence Wheatley make up for it.


4. Jacksonville Jaguars, 10-1

The Jacksonville Jaguars had a breakout year last year with Fred Taylor making his first Pro bowl of his career.  Him and Maurice Jones-Drew will make a nice runningback combo once again this year.  Last year, many considered their passing offense to be pretty bad.  Now - it is one of the best in the league.  Sure, they still don't have great recievers but David Garrad was amazing last year and he will get to play for a whole season this year.  Jacksonville's defense is also very good.  They drafted standout Derrick Harvey with the eighth pick in the draft.  Losing Sammy Knight will hurt but Paul Spicer is an underated pass rusher.


5. Indionapolis Colts, 15-1

The Indianapolis Colts had a great regular season like always last year but I guess they decided to choke in the playoffs.  That is what a lack of defense will do to you and it will certainly hurt them again this year.  On the good side, their offense may be able to make up for it.  The Colts' offensive line is one of the best in the league, they protect Peyton Manning very well.  Joseph Addai also stepped into the spotlight last year after being a backup runningback in 2006 behind Dominic Rhodes.  Marvin Harrison will probably be back for a whole season this year and Reggie Wayne had the best year of his career last year, he might even get better.


6. Cincinatti Bengals, 25-1

Yep, I said it.  Read it again outloud.  The Bangals were an embarresment last year but they should do better this year.  Rudi Johnson had a terible year in 2007 but he should return to his normal self this year.  The Carson Palmer/T.J. Houshmandzedah combo is one of the best in the league.  Yes, Chad Johnson might be leaving, but if he stays, a ton of recieving talent.  If he leaves, the Bengals are sure to get some good talent in a deal that could send Ocho Cinco somewhere.  The Bengals defense has taken a major step forward since drafting Keith Rivers.  He will step in and make an impact instantly.


7. Minnesota Vikings, 30-1

The Minnesota Vikings had a late season collapse last year where they barely missed the playoffs.  Now they are ready with even more talent.  Like him or not, Tavaris Jackson is actually a pretty good quarterback and Minnesota's record was better with him playing than it was without him playing.   Adrian Peterson had a great year last year, and if he can avoid the sophmore slump which has troubled players like Vince Young, Reggie Bush and Jay Cutler - he should give Minnesota a great chance to go into the playoffs.  And their defense is great.  E.J. Henderson is back for another year and Jared Allen will make a huge impact after getting 15.5 sacks last year.


8. Pittsburgh Steelers, 50-1

The Steelers had a good regular season last year but go knocked out of the playoffs in the first round, which erased their good fortune during the season.  Anyways, the Steelers are back again this year.  Ben Roethlisburger is a good young quarterback and Willie Parker is a good runningback.  He will team up with recently drafted Rashard Mendenhall to form one of the best runningback combos in the league.  Hines Ward still has a year or two left in him and Limas Sweed and Sanantonio Holmes will both be reliable targets.  Pittsburgh's deffense isn't as good as it was when they won the Super Bowl but it is still good enough to carry the Steelers deep into the playoffs.


9. Cleveland Browns, 55-1

Some call the Browns overated, some call them a fluke.  I call them plain old good.  Derrek Anderson decided to stay and Brady Quinn is ready for the NFL.  A good two quarterback combo is something not many teamshave.  They will have reliable targets to throw to in Donte' Stallsworth and Braylon Edwards and Jamal Lewis is still a good runningback.  Cleveland's defense is also good and that is what maks champions.  Their pass defense is good but their run defense might need some work.


10. Seattle Seahawks, 60-1

Seattle may be getting a bit older but they are still a team that has a chance to win the Super Bowl.  They lost Shaun Alexander but Julius Jones is coming in and he has a lot more talent than Alexander.  Matt Hasselback is a good quarterback, even at his age, and he has Bobby Engram, always a reliable target.  Their defense is average but Lofa Totupu can be a game changer at times.


"Maybe's" . . .


New York Giants, 75-1

The New York Giants won the Super Bowl last year but they just got lucky at the right times.  I highly doubt that the Giants will be able to do that again.  Nonetheless, they should still get consideration.  Eli Manning finally found his groove last year, with Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer to pass to.  Brandon Jacobs lived up to expectations.  Pass rushers Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiori and Micheal Strahan are nothing short of excellent on the defensive end.


Philadelphia Eagles, 75-1

The Philadelphia Eagles played poorly last year but they had a good off-season up to this point.  The key addition is Asante Samuel from New England.  He had six interceptions last season and ten interceptions the year before.  He could challenge Antonio Cromartie for the most interceptions in the league this year.  Brian Westbrook is great and he was one of the best runningbacks in 2007.  Philadelphia talked about getting rid of Donovan McNabb but he will likely be their opening day starter.


Tennessee Titans, 80-1

The Titans made the playoffs last season despite Vince Young going into a sophmore slump and Pacman Jones being suspended.  Imagine what they can do this year with Vince Young hopefully returned to his old form.  The rushing attack was good last year, lead by Lendale White and Chris Brown.  Tennessee also has some good pass rushing in Kyle Vanden Bosch and Albert Haynesworth.  Losing Travis LaBoy and Antwan Odom hurt but David Thornton's 122 tackles make up for it.


Green Bay Packers, 90-1

Many people think that Green Bay are favorites for the Super Bowl this season.  I think "Why?"  Sure, they will be solid but Aaron Rodgers needs to improve before hopes get too high.  A quarterback leads the team and Green Bay may have trouble with Rodgers.  Green Bay has put all of the pieces around him like Donald Driver and Greg Jennings at reciever, Ryan Grant at quarterback . . . now Rodgers will have to do the magic, but can he?



Here are some offensive players that will have breakout years and some offensive players that may screw up this season.


QB Philip Rivers - Breakout

Philip Rivers has always been an average quarterback, not a lot of people have paid much attentionto him as a good quarterback.  This year he will be.  TE Antonio Gates will step into his prime this year and Vincent Jackson will be older, and since he will still be young, he may have a 1,000 yard season in him.  LaDanian Tomlinson is also a reliable target.  San Diego also has a good O-Line.  As long as Rivers doesn't lose his job to LT (haha), he should have a breakout year.


QB JaMarcus Russell - Screw Up

When Oakland drafted JaMarcus Russell, fans were wowed by his strong arm and his great football instincts.  Now, all of that stuff is mostly gone.  Russell is at a whopping 265 pounds and did terrible in the times that he got a chance to play last season.  Having unreliable recievers and a terrible offensive line won't help either.


RB Tatum Bell - Breakout

It's hard to see any runningback having a successful year in a Detroit uniform but lets take a look at Tatum Bell.  Bell will be getting many of the carries this year thanks to the release of Kevin Jones.  Bell had 4.1 average behind Detroit's O-Line last year and behind Gosder Cherilus, that YPC average should build.  Coach Rod Marinelli loves Bell and the new offensive cordinator likes to run a lot.  You can't go wrong with Bell.


RB Chester Taylor - Screw Up

Chester Taylor won't neccasarilly screw up, he just won't put up his usual solid stats.  Adrian Peterson could be one of the best runningbacks ever and Minnesota saw that last year.  Why have him share carries with Chester Taylor then?  Giving carries to Taylor will just slow down the running game and the Vikings are aware of this.


WR Donte' Stallworth - Breakout

Stallworth always put up average stats but he has never put up more than 1,000 yards in one year.  He was shadowed by Randy Moss and Wes Welker in New England but in Cleveland, he may be able to put up the stats he is capable of.  Derek Anderson is a very good quarterback and he will likely share the rock between Stallworth, Braylon Edwards, and Kellen Winslow.


WR Marvin Harrison - Screw Up

The end is near for Marvin Harrison.  He was injured for the majority of last season and he wasn't even that good when he was healthy and playing.  It looks lime Reggie Wayne has taken over as Peyton Manning's favorite reciever and that is major bad news for Harrison.  Plus, who knows if Marvin Harrison will get injured again during the 2008 season?  He will continue to carry an overated status but he is too old to put up great stats.



Here are some promising young rookies that will look to make an instant impact:


QB Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

Usually quarterbacks like Matt Ryan usually wait about a year before they play regularly.  Not with Ryan.  The Atlanta Falcons are tremendlously terrible at the quarterback situation and Ryan will step in immediatly.  He will also have Roddy White to pass to, who is improving, and a Michael Turner to take some pressure off of him.


DT Geln Dorsey, Kansas City Cheifs

Kansas City doesn't have much on the defensive line after getting rid of Jared Allen, a big mistake, but at least they got Glenn Dorsey stepping in.  Dorsey was the most dominant NFL defensive player in college and he should do well in the NFL.  He will rack up a lot of sacks and he might even surprise you with all of his tackles, being a DT.


RB Rashard Mendenhall, Pittsburgh Steelers

Rashard Mendenhall will have to share time with Willie Parker but if Mendenhall proves himself in the preseason, he could get the majority of the carries.  Willie Parker fumbles a lot, doesn't get that many touchdowns and gets injured a lot.  Too many red flags.  Mendenhall can run behind a bad offensive line (which the Steelers have) and might even have anm Adrian Peterson caliber rookie season.


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