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Trade Rumors. They are everywhere, and if your a baseball fan like me, you like to hear them all so you can speculate and decide whether or not its a good deal. Now our own FanNation provides the Truth & Rumor's page which offers interesting rumors that usually only pertain to important teams and/or players. So here is the deal. Just found a website, I'm not actually sure if its new, but it is to me. I wanted to share this site with all of FanNation and update you on some of the stories making this site today. Open up a new tab and head to Here you will find a whole list of rumors that are updated throughout the day. Many people argue that this is just a trashcan full of crap that means nothing. The way I look at it, is a wealth of information to keep you up to date on your trade rumor knowledge. Fans of the good and the bad should appreciate this site. Why? Because if your a fan of the Red Sox, Yankees, Angeles, Brewers, Mets, or Diamondbacks, you can keep up to date on what your team is trying to do in order to improve its team. If your a fan of say the Indians, Mariners, or Nationals, you can see what big names from your team could be on the move, and what kind of prospects you might get out of the deal. Now that I have informed you all of this wonderful place, let me share a few rumors floating around

ESPNs Jayson Stark reoprted earlier that the Phillies were in extensive talk with the Royals to work out a deal for relief pitcher Ron Mahay. More recent reports by Stark suggest that the Phillies are not close to getting Mahay, and that they are no longer the front runner for Mahay, but other teams such as the Red Sox have him in their sights.

Rob Bradford of the Boston Herald says the Red Sox are eyeing Geoff Geary, Brian Fuentes, George Sherrill, and Will Ohman. Ohman seems the likeliest candidate, though they may have competition for him in the division-rival Rays. Houston relivers originally sought for by any teams are becoming more and more unlikely as's Jim Molony reports that the Astros are actually looking to add to the bullpen.

Mark Teixeira has been in a lot of trade rumors as of late. At 12:23pm's Tim Dierkes updated the baseball world on his status as of late. Ken Rosenthal's says that the Diamondbacks and Angles are currently competing for Teixeira. He says that the Angles would like to add a lefty reliever to the deal such as Will Ohman or Mike Gonzalez. It appears as though Joe Saunders and Ervin Santana are off-limits (no kidding), but that they are willing to deal Casey Kotchman and/or Juan Rivera.

Finally a Manny Ramirez update...

Reports are that the Mets and Dodgers are both interested in Manny. Mets GM Omar Minaya is interested in Manny Ramirez, and rumors say that he ranks above alternatives Raul Ibanez, Adam Dunn, and Randy Winn. It has also been said that the Mets are willing to include certain prospects available just for Manny in the talks. One possible prospect is Jon Niese, who was thought to be untouchable. As for the Dodgers, talks are still quite young and brief. Reports suggest that if the deal is right, the Red Sox would be willing to pay out the rest of Manny's 2008 contract. The biggest problem with the Dodgers is that A: They want to rid of Andruw Jones, who the Red Sox don't need, and B: The Dodgers don't want to increase payroll.

Warning: is highly addicting. I find myself checking back in every our or so to see if anything else pops up. I will be doing something like this everyday, maybe twice a day, as long as rumors present themselves. Feel free to check in at my personal blog for trade rumor updates.

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