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Where I'm coming from.  I'm a Vikings fan who lived in WI during the GB SB yrs, and Chicago after that.  I've spent my whole life living in the NFC North, dating back to when it was the NFC Central (before the Buccaneers became an NFL franchise in '76).  I've seen Brett at his best and worst. and rooted against him all the time, while respecting his competitive nature, but not necessarily his reputation as one of the best QB (of this generation or ever).  Also, if Brett is gonna pronounce it Farve, I'm not gonna spell it Favre, so don't waste time commenting on my title. 

As a Viking fan, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE FARVE PLAY IN MINNESOTA.  I don't think he's a good fit for the Vikings now or long-term.  Brett would probably be worth a few more wins in the regular season over Tavaris Jackson, but Brett is not and never really has been a big game QB.  His playoff record is poor and I'd throw down w/ anyone who wants to defend Farve.  I think its better to move forward w/ T Jack and see how he develops than take the short money on a good regular season record w/ Farve.  And by the way, that's probably the exact same reason the Packers want to go w/ the untested Aaron Rodgers.  Although, I would relish watching Farve stomp the Packers, cuz I've always enjoyed a good Moon Over Lambeau.

Ok, who's right and who's wrong?  Well, they're both wrong.  Brett shouldn't have waffled so much, and should have begged off his retirement at least by mini-camp in May.  But if Brett has earned anything in GB, its his freedom if they don't want him.  I heard GB fans and national pundits talk about how Brett had earned the right to make his decision whenever he wanted when he waited until after the draft a few yrs ago.  So to say the Packers needed a decision sooner is a flip-flop, and they obviously wanted a decision out of him sooner than he had historically been allowed to make that decision.   

Ted Thompson is further wrong in saying that the GB organization wants to move on, but they won't let go of Brett w/out a first round pick.  If you've moved on, THEN MOVE ON, don't hold out for a better offer.   If you're happy w/ Aaron Rodgers as your QB, then why are you afraid of Farve playing in your conference, or even your division?  Hypocritical.  That's like saying, I don't care what kind of pizza you order, as long as its sausage.  Take what you can get for Farve now, cuz the offers won't get any better as training camp wears on, and Brett misses time w/ his new team.  If you wanna steer him away from the team most likely to want him, MIN, then you probably have to accept a lower value.  You can't have it both ways Tedder. 

What's to be done w/ our boy Brett?  Well, he apparently has filed his request to return, so the Packers' hopes that he just stay in Kiln, MS, was naive beyond words.  He obviously will be a detriment to Aaron Rodgers development.  Think of Rodgers struggling and Brett on the sideline available to go in the game.  He has enough pressure trying to replace Farve, w/out having Farve there to replace him.  Also, the Farve/Rodgers QB controversy will tear the team apart.  So clearly he cannot choose the wine in front him.  Then we are at an impasse. 

Tedder has to accept whatever offer he likes most, or release him.  And since he is dead set against releasing him (even though he's moved on) he MUST TRADE FARVE.  Or, if he's so concerned about value for Farve, then he should call up MN or CHI, and see what they offer.  You see where we're going w/ all this?  Australia?  No, not Australia.  TED THOMPSON HAS TO **** OR GET OFF THE POT.  The longer GB waits to trade Brett, the less he is worth to his new team, because he is missing time in a new system or different version of the West Coast, and really Brett is not known as a cerebral QB, and he's only been in 1 system his whole career.  Changing teams for him will be no slam dunk.

For all the waffling Brett has engaged in and been accused of, the GB front office is matching him waffle-humper for waffle-humper.  (sorry I heard that on The Colbert Report a few weeks ago).  Everyone here at FanNation is complaining about all the T&R dedicated to Farve, and most people are blaming Brett for it, but that's misplaced.  Brett accepts that they've moved on w/ Aaron, so Brett wants to move on too, but Ted Thompson won't let him, because he's so concerned about looking bad if Brett comes back to haunt them from the division.  So all the machinations w/ Tampa, and the Jets or the Ravens winds up being reported upon by the FLA papers or the NY/NJ papers or the Balt/DC papers.  And then FanNation posts those under T&Rs.  So you see, it's not Farve's fault we're being Farve'd to death, its the inaction by the GB front office. 

One intriguing thing I heard w/ Roger Goodell's involvement, is Goodell suggested Brett bide his time, and wait for a team w/ a significant QB injury, opening the floodgates for a team w/ a need for a QB to make a move and pay GB what they are asking.  On the surface, that's a decent option, but on closer inspection its no better than an immediate trade for 2 reasons.  One, what if that team w/ QB need and title hopes is Dallas, or Philly?  Two teams that GB would have to go through at least in the NFC playoffs?  They're no better option for trading Farve than MIN or CHI.  Second, this new team would be putting Farve into a new system and new players w/ no practice experience, having to play meaningful games.  It's making the best out of a bad situation, but its still a situation Farve is likely to fail in. 

Brett's Legacy?  Well, I'm of the opinion Brett is an average QB, but a HOF competitor and football player.  Most people won't understand that distinction, but just cuz I like to watch him, doesn't mean I think he's a good QB.  People like to watch car wrecks too, doesn't mean we should have more of them. 

Brett is a Packer hero, however, the longer this goes on, and if Ted Thompson continues to destroy Brett's chance at a season, is he going to continue to look fondly on Frozen Tundra?  There may be no going back w/ Ted Thompson still there.  Can you imagine Brett standing next to the Tedder at a retirement ceremony a year or two from now?  I can't.  And Brett has been very generous in not getting mad at the organization for holding him up for a month now, but how long will that last if Ted trades him to some marginal playoff team like the Jets two or 3 weeks into the preseason?  Be hard for Brett to bounce back and have a good season missing so much time, and you think Brett is gonna blame himself?  No, he'll blame the Tedder. 

This sort of media circus hasn't really been seen.  SI.com's NBA writer Steve Aschburner said the NBA has never seen anything like this.  Even the NFL hasn't.  Montana was unhappy w/ the 49ers moving on to Steve Young and asked for a trade.  49ers complied, but there was very little publicly written.  All of a sudden Montana was in KC.  Looked weird, but it wasn't an ugly public divorce.  Maybe its the times w/ 24 hour news and sports channels, Greta Van Sustern needs to fill airtime just like ESPN.  When Montan moved, ESPN was only in about half households in the country and CNN Headline News spent all of 3 minutes on Sports updates every half hour. 

I think we'll remember this episode more than Montana, Namath or Unitas in enemy colors, and Ted Thompson will be remembered for this anyway at this point, as the guy who let Brett Farve go.  Why worry about being the guy who let him go to the Vikings or Bears?  You're gonna be remembered for this acrimony anyway.  At least if you let him go, you can welcome him back when he finally does hang them up, and Brett would probably thank you and give you a hug for letting him call his shot.  Otherwise, that's gonna be an awkward dias when Brett's number is retired. 

Ted Thompson is being penny-wise and pound-foolish.  Brett is wishy-washy, but then we've known that for 6-8 years when he first started talking about retirement and the Brett Farve Annual Retirement Watch started.  I think Ted Thompson is the bad guy here, Brett is trying to make the best of a bad situation, he partially created.  But if you're gonna take the high road, then you don't go releasing timelines to the press to show how flexible you were in March, but how inflexible you're being now.  You release full disclosure, saying what deadlines you gave Brett to make his decision, whether you really wanted him back or not.  And believe me, players know when they're wanted and when they're not.  They know when the Turk is coming for them. 


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