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Yeah, I said it. And I'll put it another way: Brett Favre loves media attention so much that he's willing to make himself look like a total fool to get it. Brett Favre is one of sports' responses to Britney Spears, those doofuses from "The Hills", and anyone else who does whatever they can to get attention. The long, drawn out saga that was Favre's will he/won't he retire before last season was just a preview of what we'd be treated to this season: Favre retiring - filing papers and everything - and now deciding he wants to play. This is after the Packers went through the entire off season planning to be without him. Favre is selfish and a drama queen.

When he retired in March, Don Banks said it was right on time. Favre would avoid the embarrassing scenes of other players who stayed past their prime (football players include, recently, Jerry Rice and Emmett Smith; feel free to make your own list). Favre would go out on a high - not an Elway high, of course, but a high nonetheless. It's a good way to leave: to go out on your own terms after a season that cemented your trip to the Hall of Fame. He retired with a tearful press conference and wall-to-wall coverage on ESPN and at SI. Wonderful. Good job, old boy. Enjoy your golden years, the adulation of millions of people, and key to the city of Green Bay.

And then he ruined it. He made noises about coming back. Everybody and their brother saw this coming after last year's debacle. Favre doesn't care about the Packers; he only cares about himself. He is selfish. He is manipulative. He cultivated a persona in the media - being a straight shooter, a good, salt of the Earth guy - that is now shattered. His real persona - that of a drama queen of the first order - is now evident. It's sad, really.

I have a solution. Brett Favre should have gone home quietly after his end of season press conference. He should have talked over his feelings and options with his wife, his kids, his agent, his friends, and the Packers. He most definitely SHOULD NOT have had a press conference to tearfully announce his retirement in March only to change his mind in June. He should not have manipulated people that way. If he thought he might get the itch to play again, he should've kept quiet and reported to camp to see how he felt. If he realized he couldn't go, he would've retired then and had his jersey retired the next day.

But no. Favre the drama queen can't do that. He needs the attention. He thrives on it. All of the media people - John Madden, every single NFL writer - who adore him could have broadcast/written all the glowing tributes that seem so out of place now. Also, Brett Favre wouldn't be known as a drama queen. 


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