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AFC East:

This is mabye the easiest division to predict sice the Patriots are the still the best team in the league and should finish atop the AFC East, the AFC and the whole league for that matter so no surprises there there. Which leaves the Jets, the Bills and the Dolphins; but before we continue: forget the Dolphins, they'll win 2 or 3 games but they're still rebuilding so they finish last in this division. Now we're left with the Jets and the Bills fighting fir second place here and mabye the last wild card spot left along with another team from another divsion. But I'll stick with the Bills, they were last year even though they had their rough share of injuries last year and were still competing for the playoffs until they lost to the Browns in that Winter Wonderland and I still think the Jets are still a mess despite the improvements they've made but still don't even know who'll start at QB.


1.Patriots (14-2), 2. Bills (10-6), 3. Jets (8-8) 4. Dolphins (4-12)

AFC North:

An intersting battle between the impressing Browns and the solid Steelers should happen here. The Steelers might be more dependable to have  a goos season but don't expect the Browns to have just had one good season and go back to their old ways. They have a solid QB in Derek Anderson who will have three excellent receivers waiting (Edwards, Winslow, Stallworth) and a great RB. The Bengals are always a threat so they too should be considered to tangle and to be waiting on either of the two favorites to trip up so they can rise. Meanwhile don't expect too much from the Ravens, this division might just be too difficult for them to have a chance this year but expect some improvement but not too much.


1.Steelers (11-5), 2.Browns (11-5), 3. Bengals (8-8) 4. Ravens (6-10)

AFC South:

Indianapolis will find it harder to breeze through this division with the rise of a new power in the NFL, the Jacksonville Jaguars. If there's anything you can be sure about in the NFL today is that the Patriots will be good and the Colts will be right there along with them and this won't change this year but don't expect the Jaguars to just sit around just trying to make the playoffs. They'll contend and cash every time the Colts slip up. In the other half of this divsion keep your eye on the battle between the Titans and the Texans which might be a battle for a wild card spot. It might just come down to a battle between two unproven QBs (Young and Schaub) who will try to get some respect this year. Just don't forget finishing last in this division isn't so bad because of the quality of the teams around you.


1.Colts (13-3), 2.Jaguars (11-5), 3.Texans (8-8) 4.Titans (7-9)

AFC West:

Expect big things from the Chargers. And winning this divsion barely means nothing bcause every team around them expect the mabye Broncos is a joke. THe Chiefs are bad, they are rebuilding and they don't have a QB despite the fact they have a number of great receivers. THe Raiders are a mess. I still don't JaMarcus Russel and Darren Mcfadden isn't the solution to their many many woes. The Broncos are good but give Jay Cutler a year or two before the Broncos become serious contenders, for now expect them to contend for a playoff spot.


1. Chargers (13-3), 2.Broncos (9-7), 3.Chiefs (5-11), 4.Raiders (4-12)


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