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First of all, a flurry of trades have happened during this past week.  The most recent trade is being the most recent one - Pudge Rodriguez to the New York Yankees.  Me as a Tigers fan, I absolutely hate the deal.

It was about 4:15 on this afternoon (Wednesday), I was at work, serving Happy Meals and cheeseburgers at McDonald's and then my friend called me - "Pudge has been traded to New York."  I thought he was joking.  About two minutes later, he called again and said that all we got in the trade was relief pitcher Kyle Farnswarth.  At first, I thought it was a pretty lousy move.  But then I realized that Farnswarth had a sub-4.00 ERA, knock down the Ty Cobb statue, we got a pitcher who has an ERA under 4.00 in Detroit! Kidding . . . but it is something new for the Tigers this year.

The Tigers wouldn't have been able to keep Pudge after this year anyway so at least they got something for him now.  Plus Pudge was making $13 million this year so trading him gives the Tigers a lot of money to sign a good pitcher this off-season or sign a free agent now like Freddy Garcia before the trade deadline.  The main reason why Detroit made this trade was because they don't really have a closer.  Todd Jones, the previous one, sucked lately and Fernando Rodney came in for two save opportunities and got the save each time but we ended up getting Farnsworth anyway.  Farnsworth was on the Tigers a few years ago and the Tigers told him that they didn't want to resign him after one season.  Now we trade a future hall of famer for a player that the Tigers could have already gotten.

I'm still not a big fan of the trade.  Farnsworth has more blown saves than actual saves in his career (very bad) and now at catcher, the Tigers have the perenial .210 hitter, Brandon Inge.  Inge will be the full-time catcher for this year and the next.  I'm not a big fan of Inge although some of you probably already know that.  The Yankees got Pudge to replace Jorge Posada for now but what are they going to do when Posada comes back next year?  Perhaps the Yankees won't bother to resign Pudge and maybe he ends back on the Tigers?  Well, whatever I guess.  The Tigers are still probably going to make another big move before the trade deadline anyway.  Talks between the Florida Marlins with Gary Sheffield, that would be good, getting rid of the many leftfielders on the Tigers roster.

Another big trade this week was Mark Texeria going to the California Angels (it's just too hard to remember whether they are Los Angeles or Anaheim).  I thought for sure that Atlanta would trade Texeria to the Diamondbacks because they were apparently very interested.  Instead, he goes to the Angels and the Braves got in return 1B Casey Kotchman and minor league pitching prospect Steve Marek.

Teixeira is no stranger to being in deadline deals.  He got traded from Texas to Atlanta last year, Atlanta thinking that Teixeira's bat would push them into the playoffs after their streak ended of 14 straight divisional titles the year before.  Fortunetly for Teixeira, it looks like California is going to make the playoffs for sure this year.  They already have the best record in the league and they are well ahead second place Oakland Athletics for the division lead.

I'm not really sure that the Angels are getting the betetr end of the deal.  I think that the Braves are pulling off a steal here.  Casey Kotchman was one of the most underrated players in the league, he usually hits around .300 yearly but doesn't get much attention for it.  He is just as good as Teixeira, except without the power.  Marek could also be a future star in the MLB.  Marek was starting up until he got into Double A this year and then he started pitching releif.  He doesn't have a great record but his minor league ERA is under 4.00 and he has close to as many strikeouts as innings pitched.

That will be all for this blog, I just wanted to update all of you on this


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