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My computer has been broken, so I havn't been here in a while, and I don't know how you fans feel about the Favre issue.  So this is directed toward the Favre-backers.


Packer Fans, its time for you to take off the Favre fan glasses and see this situation for what it is. Now, I was Favre's biggest supporter against critic up until he announced officially he wanted back in. As it is, I still am his fan. However, I see now that Favre has just as a big an ego as any other superstar athlete, and this whole "game" is a result of his ego not allowing him to graciously step away. People, don't you see how he's doing much more harm than good? He is a distraction that no team can deal with. However, people in this state love Favre so much, they don't care to see how it is much more of a problem than a help. Its gotten so bad, an area man bought ad space in the Appleton Post Crescent to write a letter to the Packer management urging them to bring back Favre. This person pointed out the numerous accomplishments by Favre, to which I say, so what? 3 MVPs is an incredible accomplishment, but the last one was 10 years ago. Should the Dolphins bring back Dan Marino just because he has incredible, hall of fame numbers?

I have seen numerous complaints directed toward Ted Thompson, saying that he should be the one to go, not Favre. Don't you see how idiotic this is? Do you remember who the last GM was? Mike Sherman, and the team finished 4-12 his last season. Thompson brought the team from 4-12 to 13-3 in two years, and you say he's an idiot and call for his head??? 

Furthermore, why the hate for Aaron Rodgers? Sure, we don't know exactly how well he will play, but all signs point to him being a fantastic NFL QB. How do these fans know that Favre would even be good this season? He did start to to tail off toward the end of the year, and lost the championship game almost by himself. He played pathetic int the second half. Anyways, Aaron Rodgers just might be a hall of famer, but in your hero worship, you refuse to let him have his chance. 

So Packer fans, kick Favre to the curb where he belongs. I applaud the Packer management for taking a firm stand and not allowing this egotistical d-bag do as he pleases. I hope this money offer convinces him to stay away for good. It will be disappointing if they allow him to come to camp, and this would create even more problems. 


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