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I have to admit pretty bored and I want to talk about some 'rasslin.  I also have to admit that I'm not very impressed at all with the SummerSlam card right now.  So, let's look at the matches that have officially been announced.

1. WWE Championship Match: Triple H vs. The Great Khali- Oh god, please don't get me started.  Now, I'm not a big-man hater (I'm a fan of Big Show's work, no Big Show) but I have to say that Khali is an absolutely awful wrestler.  I mean he's slower than the Big Show was when he was as wide as the side of my grandad's barn!  I'm also not a HHH fan, but you could have go someone better to fight him than Khali.  Khali is nothing but a person that is used to make these guys look good and I hate it.  Remember when Cena fought him in those awful matches? He's so big and slow that it's really hard to put a good match together.  I was really hoping for a HHH/Edge match and then see Undertaker come back later.  But that's OK because I think Taker and HHH will be going at it very soon.

2. John Cena vs. Batista- I'm sorry but I really don't want to see this.  Cena is the most popular in the business right now and all they want to do is get these two over even more.  But the bigger problem is who will Punk face at the PPV? JBL already had a shot and as much as I love his heel antics on the mic, he just is done in the ring. Kane isn't much in the ring anymore either. He definitely doesn't deserve the title, I mean look at that belly. Can you say gym instead of doughnut? The only heel that really makes sense is Chris Jericho and I don't think that will happen because of the Shawn Michaels ordeal. At a time like this I'd love to see Randy Orton could back. But I don't see that happening very soon. It hasn't been very long since that collarbone was injured. So, this match shouldn't be a match. They should have turned one of them (preferably Batista) heel to face Punk. Then when Orton gets back you can move him back to face and have the ultimate prick RKO as the main heel contender. Raw needs heel help and bad.

3. ECW Championship Match: Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy- Now this one could end up being decent as long as they don't start some stupid crap up. Henry isn't great on the mic, isn't great in the ring but he is very strong and he is somewhat mobile for his size. If they utilize that and Hardy's mobility it could be a good match. If the two keep the match moving it could be decent but if its slow-paced then it will be a typical ECW Championship match.

4. Hell in a Cell Match: Edge vs. Undertaker- So far this match looks to be the best on the card. Edge is much better than WWE has him portrayed and both men are very resilient. This match clearly has a great storyline and the winner will be back in the chase for the WWE Championship come Unforgiven. This one should be good and I really expect an epic. Remember Taker wants revenge and Edge just wants to survive in this one. Should be great to see.



Overall, I think the PPV will probably end up being fine but you never can tell.  The days of great WWE PPV's are gone, so I need to face it.  Well, it's been Keeper and I'm out.



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