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Rating a player is not the easiest thing specially when you have to rate different players at different positions and especially in the NBA, where every position has different role, so I've decided to make a rating system for each postion because for example you have o rate a PG by his ability to be a playmaker while you don't expect the same from say a SG, however notice that there are a few exceptions specially for stars like LeBron whose playmaking ability has to be taken in consideration despite his position doesn't really require it, so there'll be an extra rating system for players dubbed stars.

Rating System for Point Guards:

Point Guards will have like every position except the stars, a rating on ten, plamaking, passing, leadership, etc all have huge roles to play for a PG to be successful so here goes:

3 points for playmaking and passing (the basis of any PG)

1.5 points for getting to the rim

1.5 points for teamplay and leadership (a PG has to have the ability to make everyone happy on his team on and off the court)

1.5 for shooting (not so the most important thing for a PG)

2 for defense (a PG needs to lead his team on offense and defence also)

So here is the rating for each PG in the Central Divison:

Chauncey Billups:

2/3 for playmaking 

1.5/2 for getting to the rim

1/1.5 for teamwork (Inability to keep up with 'Sheed)

1/1.5 for shooting

1.5/2 for Defense

So he gets a rating of 6.5/10, a tough rating but it's difficult to get the maximum rating in each category since you have to be almost perfect to get that. 

Next we have No.1 pick Derrick Rose for Chicago, although he'll harder to rate since he has yet to play an official NBA game.

2/3 for playmaking (still needs to grow)

1/2 for getting to the rim

0.5/1.5 for teamwork (He's still too quiet to be a solid leader from what I've seen in his college days)

0.5/1.5 for shooting (If you watched him in college, you know he wasn't a good shooter so it won't get easier in the NBA)

1/2 for defense (Solid defender for now)

Overall Rating: 5/10 Not bad but by his prime, he should be a lot better but again it's difficult to rate because I've only seen in him college.

Next we come to Delonte West, the starting Point Guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers:

1/3 for playmaking

0.5/2 for getting to the rim (more of a jump shooter)

1/1.5 for teamwork (good locker room guy)

1/1.5 for shooting

1/2 for defense

So he ends up with a solid rating of 4.5/10, which as you might realize should be the norm for most PG specially when they have a player like LeBron on their team so they have less of a chance to shine.

Rating for TJ Ford of the Indiana Pacers

1.5/3 for playmaking

1.5/2 for getting to the rim

0.5/1.5 for teamwork

1/1.5 for shooting

0.5/2 for defense

So he gets a rating of 5/10, but he should improve because of his scoring ability on a team where he is no longer in the shadow of a big man.

Finally we finish with PGs with Mo Williams of the Milwaukee Bucks

1.5/3 for playmaking

1.5/2 for getting to the rim

0.5/1.5 for teamwork

1/1.5 for shooting

1/2 for defense

So Mo gets 5.5/10, very similar to TJ Ford, but I believe he's a better scorer but they're both very alike.

After this, you can see that Chauncey Billups is the best PG in the Central Division, for now, based on his career, however do not be surprised if Rose takes his spot next year or even Rodney Stuckey, who I'll rate, just because up and coming talent and could beat out Chauncey and Rose.

Rodney Stuckey

2/3 for playmaking

1.5/2for getting to the rim

0.5/1.5 for teamwork (not yet a leader but give him a year or two)

1/1.5 for shooting (has improved)

1/2 for defense (will improve)

He actually gets 6/10, which makes him actually the 2nd best PG in the Central Division; however expect him to be the third for now just because I think Rose will have a better rating once I see him play.

Nest Time, I'll rate SG so stay tuned.


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