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I recently saw a headline here on Fannation saying that Paul Pierce thought he was the best player in the world...

C'mon Paul, I know you were Finals MVP, but you in no way are the best player in the world not by a long shot. You couldn't, still can't and would've never been able to get even a single finger nail on the NBA championship trophy had not the Celtics, the same team you wanted to leave a few months back, traded for Ray Allen. Even then it wouldn't have been enough, you had to wait until they got a third superstar on your team, Kevin Garnett. Mr. Pierce, I don't even think you're the best player on your team, Kevin is, in no way will you ever be the great dominant efficient player he is and always will be remembered for. YOu're not the best player at your position either, LeBron is better than you so you don't have that title either.

Is Paul Pierce a good player? Of Course. He's an excellent player with great abilities and a lot of undeniable talent , I don't hate Paul Pierce, I just think he is taking confidence to a whole new level it souldn't get to.

He's not among the top 5 players in the league. Paul Pierce will always remind me of that player that stuck around Boston for most of his career than had two miracle trades happen to him, was the 2nd best player on his team until the playoffs where he took advantage of Kevin Garnett not playing so well and got his chance at winning a trophy and getting Finals MVP, end story.

He's not helping anyone by being over-confident, I never liked Boston (I'm a Pistons fan) but I've always liked how they were able to construct a team so fast, a true team where everyone has a role to play and plays it. THose kind of teams shouldn't have best players just good players playing a role each and being the best at it. I loved how all three, Pierce, Allen and Garnett played that way throughout the season but saying you're better than all the players on your team and every player out there is no way of keeping this team you took so much pride in constructing so well and so fast.

I'm not going to explain why Kobe Bryant is the best player in the world, because everyone knows those good old arguments and if you don't think Kobe's the best player, you might think it's LeBron or Chris Paul, which I could understand but Paul Pierce, I don't even think BOston fans think he's the best player.  



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