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Now, in my many years, I have been to a wide variety of fantastic sporting events. MLB games, NFL games, NBA games, minor league baseball games, high school sports, even semi-pro basketball games. And believe me, I've enjoyed every one, each with its own fantastic traits.

But there's one sporting event that by far trumps them all: a PGA Tournament. This week, for the second time in my life, I witnessed a round of the Bridgestone Invitational. And it was fantastic. The atmosphere, the fun, the athletes, it is by far more amazing than any baseball or football game. It is one unique experience. And there are many reasons why.


For one thing, in most sports, even in the very best, overpriced seats, you're still usually 100 feet away from any of the players, You can kind of see their faces, their uniforms, their look. But you don't feel like your in on the action. But a PGA Tournament is different. I was literally 5 feet away from pro golfer Fredrik Jacobsen, watching him swing a club. I could hear his whole conversation with a rules official, with his caddy, with himself. I could see the logo on his ball. Do you get at an Atlanta Braves game? I don't think so. Even a courtside seat at an NBA game cost hundreds of dollars. An adult ticket for the Bridgestone was just $50, a ticket for a teenager $15, and 12 and under were free. To be right by the players! It something you don't get to see anywhere else, and it was the time of my life.


 At an MLB game, you have to sit, watch some boring parts of the game, while your legs fall asleep, and so do you. It s amazing the feeling of a PGA event. You can walk around, watch your favorite golfer, be it Tiger Woods or Lucas Glover. You can watch Phil Mickelson punch one out of the woods, or Rocco Mediate sink a 20 foot putt. You can see Ernie Els tee off, or Boo Weekley find his ball. Its a different experience for all, young and old, and its just awesome.

 And the excitement is amazing. I watched Tiger Woods and Stewart Cink duel in out in 4 holes of sudden death playoff in 2006, and I have never been more excited. Running back and forth, no sprinting, back and forth from hole 17 to 18 to watch all the action. And the dead silence of the huge crowd as Tiger sunk a putt for the win. Oh, it was amazing! And being just feet away, watching a trademark Tiger fist pump. And that happens every week in the PGA. You don't get that at an NFL game.


So if your a sports fan, and you've think you've seen it all, the PGA is coming to a course near you. Go check it out, and join in on the amazement. 


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