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CHELSEA FC FANS : AUGUST 2,2008  Good evening football fans. I hope everyone had a nice day and that "Our Beautiful Game" played a part in making it enjoyable for you. As always, it was the most enjoyable part of my day. As for our group, we've taken on a new member this week. Two days ago steelersfan1121 joined our ranks and I will take a second here to say welcome to Chelsea FC Fans. We're glad to have you with us and we'll make sure to keep you up to date on the lastest happenings at Stamford Bridge. Ok, with that said, lets get down to business.

Drogba To sign New Four Year Deal With Chelsea

Yeah thats right. We're getting the word in tonight from Chelsea's training Head Quarters at Cobham that Ivory Coast Striker Didier Drogba has reached a four year agreement with the club estimated at 25 Million Pounds ($50,000,000 US). Drogba has missed the club's pre-season tour of the Far East and Russia to under go extensive treatment on a long standing knee injury. He should be ready to play in the season opener against Portsmouth at Stamford Bridge on 16 August. Drogba has yet to sign his new contract but is expected to do so in the next few days.

Chelsea Striker Didier Drogba To Stay At Stamford Bridge

 Misery At Moscow As Chelsea Loses Another Shoot Out

It happened again yesterday. Deja Vu all over again in a Railways Cup match against Lokomotiv Moscow. Chelsea opened the scoring on 27 minutes with a sweetly struck volley from the edge of the area by Michael Essien. A second scoring attempt by Deco minutes later came close but wiffed just wide of the post. The match continued deadlocked until minute 83 when Ruslan Kambalov booted a free kick from 30 yards that was just out of the grasp of Chelsea Keeper Petr Cech's outstretched right arm to draw the match even. After extra-time had elapsed the shootout began. It was here, on the spot kicks, that things started to look familier as the Chelsea albatross reared its ugly head once again. This makes the fifth consecutive time that the Blues have lost a shoot out ( the second straight at Moscow). Lokomotive came away with a 5-4 shootout victory after missed strikes by Chelsea's Wayne Bridge and Andrei Shevchenco. "That's Five In A Row Now People!" This is a huge problem that Chelsea needs to overcome if they ever expect to win another trophy. The football world has figured out that drawing even with Chelsea after 90 minutes is very similar (or equal) to a win. For Shevchenko this will be costly. Coach Scolari has hinted that he's not planning on Booking Shevchenko for 1st day against Portsmouth. It looks like Andrei will be sitting that one out.


Shevchenko disappoints Chelsea Coach Scolari

Inter Milan to Halt Negotiations With Lampard

Italian Champion Inter Milan's President Massimo Moratti has announced that he is certain Chelsea Midfielder Frank Lampard has an honest desire to remain in England where he can be in close touch with his father. In the end Frank's heart really wasn't up to the challenge of changing leagues and making the move From England to Italy. Moratti went on to say about  Lampard " I'm certain that Frank wanted to leave Chelsea but it created alot of anxiety for him and in fact he stayed because of family matters. He stayed for his father, who he is extremely close to, and for his whole enviornment. Therefore he was unable to create that split that they had expected and that we were hoping for. So instead we thought of a player who in terms of age and wages is a good deal. I am happy that Sulley Ali Muntari has arived." Remember everyone that Frank's Mother died earlier this year and that's what brought about his second thoughts about leaving Chelsea. This is very understandable and I'm glad Frank is staying with us....and now the truth comes out. Why was the Lampard situation so heated? The answer, because Roman Abramovich doesn't want to see any of his players defect to the team that former Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho is now in charge of, Inter Milan.


                             Frank Lampard-Mr Chelsea


Alright eveyone, that's it for this time. I hope this update was helpful. If not, speak up. We'd love to hear from you. This is GoldenThread signing off . I'll be back soon with more Chelsea news and a 2008-09 Schedule for you. I'm looking forward to seeing Hull at the Bridge this season. The Tigers have got a great line up and it's going to be fun. Talk to you soon. (Chris)


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