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Well, I'm nervous about our first day of practice tomorrow and I was just sitting around doing nothing. I got to thinking, before I die, what do I want to accomplish as far as sports. Not as an athlete, but as a fan and this is the list I came up with. I put the stuff I've already done in bold.

1. Attend the College World Series

2. See my favorite team win a national title in person

3. Get a private tour of LSU's facilities

4. Attend 100 games in Death Valley

5. See Death Valley get over 100,000 in attendance at one game

6. Attend the Super Bowl

7. See the Saints win the Super Bowl, and the next day hell will freeze over and Ryan Periloux will pass a drug test

8. Meet Michael Jordan

9. Attend that thing that Red Bull sponsors where people try to make human powered flight machines but end up falling 30 feet instead

10. Throw eggs at Barry Bonds

11. Be the guy who stands outside the stadium and waits for the opposing team to hit a home-run so he can throw it back in the ball park

12. Get in a fight with the Oregon Duck (it has to be the Oregon Duck, or else it won't be as cool)

13. Pet Georiga's Uga (Because I don't want to try to pet Mike the Tiger)

14. Go to the NFL Hall of Fame (not as an inductee, although that would be nice) and urinate on Troy Aikmen's Golden Bust.

15. Attend a game at the Final Four in which LSU is competing, (Preferably men's)

16. See a game in all of the top venue's in college football

17. Attend an Australian Rugby game

18. In the middle of College Game Day sprint from off screen and spear Lee Corso (for picking Ohio state over LSU, idiot)

19. Well here in North Louisiana we have a local radio show called Fox and Company. Well these guys infuriate me to no end because they never talk about LSU. Instead they talk about irrelavent D-2 and D-3 Louisiana schools, so I would like to put those Homerish idiots in stockades in the middle of town square and throw eggs at them 'till they cry and then take their jobs.

20. On the West Monroe High School water tower where it says West Monroe Rebels spray paint suck beside it.

21. Watch the WNBA fall apart

22. See The Europian Champions League Finals in person

23. Get on court seats at a New Orleans Hornets game

24. Get LSU to start playing Lacrosse

25. Attend a game at Fenway and catch a home run on the Green Monster

 Well I've got to go, because as you can see, I have alot of work to do.


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