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After being viciously swept by the Cubs and their overally dominant team, Milwaukee Brewer fans, including me, went into a shell and cried that "all is lost", "no way they go to October now!".  All is not lost Brewer fans, there is still 2 months of the season left, and dont forget the Cubs have probably the hardest September schedule of any team, including a 3 game series to end the season in Miller Park.

But that is not what I wanted to talk about today.  Today I want to bring up the topic of agressive fans.  After reading the new rules on the NFL code of conduct for fans, I decided to share some of my experiences of fans from the Brewer vs. Cub series.

First and foremost, I would like to express my feelings toward fan violence.  I believe if you cannot control your emotions enough to watch a game without punching someone or getting in a shouting match with another fan...well, you dont belong at public games.

Anyways, it was the second game of the series, Ben Sheets vs. Carlos Zambrano.  I was sitting in the lodge section the entire series, which is the second level up, and still fairly expensive seats, so I didnt expect many two fisted sloppers from either team.  But I was very wrong.

It wasnt yet the second inning, when a Cub fan shouted in the ear of a Brewer fan, prompting the Brewer fan to "spill" his beer on the other fan. --- Ok.  Security handled that out.

But later, after the game, I was walking out to the parking lot, I was one of the last ones to leave.  And Suddenly next to the highway, I see two people beating the living **** out of another guy.  Yes, as you can imagine it was two Cub fans punching a Brewer fan.  As my buddy and I went running and yelling at them, trying to seperate the fight, the two Cub fans ran away, yelling "Cubs rule, Brewers drool"...WOW.  First of all you need a better cheer, what are they in second grade?  Second I dont understand why you feel the need to beat someone so much that they have to go to the hospital over a BASEBALL GAME!!!!

Alright, I figured I had seen and heard it all, but apparentley not.  I read in the paper and online of all the fans arrested for fights that broke out after the game.  One story I read was 5 Brewer fans were robbed and beat up outside of a Bar...no doubt Cub fans the culprits.

I knew Cub fans were dillusional and nuts, I mean how else could you root for a team like the cubs otherwise?  But I didnt know they were psychotic, and insane!!!  I know I am probably offending the nice and decent Cub fans, and to you I am very sorry, but this has to be brought up.

I have officially decided Cub fans are the worst fans to watch a game with, and the worst to interact with.  I mean I can hardly talk to my friends who root for the Cubs about baseball, without them bringing up the fact that the Cubs are better than anyone else. 

Get over youselves...The Cubs are good, we all know that, we dont need you beating people up and reminding them of that.  And the fact that you havent won in 100 years should not add to your gloating.  I hear fans talk about how its the 100 year anniversary...100 years of losing.  You dont need to tell us you are going to win the world series because its destiny and its the 100 year mark of your last win.  NO ONE CARES!

Sit down, shut up, and watch how the rest of the season plays out.

I cant wait till I go to Wrigley field.  I have seats in the bleachers for friday the 22 (I think).  I am waiting to catch a Cub homerun...and I WILL throw it back.


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