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"Who will make the playoffs?" is a blog worked on by FanNation users dudeman, dyhard and Super Squirrel. It's a 6 part blog covering each and every team. Here you'll find who has the best chance to make the playoffs among the teams in the AL West. The teams are listed in alphabetical order.

Tuesday: AL East

Wednesday: AL Central

Thursday: AL West

Friday: NL East

Saturday: NL Central

Sunday: NL West

Los Angeles Angels

Dude's take: The Angels are the most dominant, most well-rounded team in the major leagues. They have the offense (Teixeira, Guerrero and Figgins) the pitching (Lackey, Ervin Santana, Saunders) and the bullpen (K-Rod!). There is almost no possibility that they will collapse. I just can't see that happening. They are the best road team in the AL, and their home record ain't shabby (33-22). No one wants to play LA in the playoffs. They can beat you with either their hitting and pitching. It's pretty much pick your poison for their opponents. But, as I learned with the Mets last year, nothing is set in stone until the playoffs begin.

Percentage chance: 99%

Dyhard's take: The Angels have had everything go right for them this year. They are dominant at home and on the road. They have had an excellent pitching staff, with Joe Saunders and Ervin Santana doing really well this year. They added Mark Teixeira, but gave up Casey Kotchman. Who is better? Teixeira. They got a better player, who will help out a lot more. I will eat my hand if they don't make it playoffs.

Percentage chance: 100%

SS's take: They're 11 games ahead of the next team in the AL West, have the best lineup and one of the best rotations in baseball...

It's. A. Virtual. Lock.

Percentage chance: 99.9%

Oakland A's

Dude's take: Although all their moves this season (trading Rich Harden and Joe Blanton) pulled them out of the playoff picture, I commend Billy Beane on loading up on prospects, but seriously, when is he going to commit to a team? Is he always going to trade his best player for more and more prospects? They have to sit with their team and play it out if they ever want to win. Anyway, they aren't going to get to the playoffs. There's a VERY slim chance.

Percentage chance: 2%

Dyhard's take: They decided to trade away their pitchers when they still were somewhat in contention. They aren't going to pull anything out of their a$s and they aren't surprising anyone. They are just going to sit in 3rd and live with it.

Percentage chance: 1%

SS's take: The A's are 17.5 games back in a division that is basically a runaway with the Angels in front, and they gave up all hope when they sent Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin to the Cubbies. They've got talent in the field, but not enough to come back from 17.5 down with two months left in the season.

Percentage chance: 0.05%

Seattle Mariners

Dude's take: As my co-writers point out, there's is absolutely NO chance for this team. With a team like the Angels 27 GAMES ahead of you in your division, and a team like the Red Sox 21.5 GAMES ahead of you in the wild card, just sit and pout, cause you're not making the playoffs. Whatsoever.

Percentage chance: -5%

Dyhard's take: They are a train wreck this year. I can't believe they are doing this terrible. Nothing has gone right. They will just finish the season in last place. Nothing exciting, and nothing to talk about.

Percentage chance: 0%

SS's take: They're 27 games back with a very bad pitching staff...

Not. Gonna. Happen.

Percentage chance: 0.01%

Texas Rangers

Dude's take: The Rangers have LOADS of offensive talent. Ian Kinsler, Josh Hamilton, Milton Bradley, David Murphy and Michael Young are the biggest parts of the majors best offense. They lead the majors in runs, hits, 2Bs, total bases, RBI, SLG% and OPS. They are tied for 1st in the league in batting average, and are 3rd in OBP. Their struggles lie in pitching. They have the worst ERA in the majors, 2nd most walks given up, 3rd least amount of Ks and the 2nd highest batting average against. Hard to find a team that lopsided. Their "ace" Vicente Padilla has 12 wins, but a horrible 4.59 ERA with only 89 Ks and a 1.44 WHIP. Although they may be second in the AL West, they have and 11.5 game deficit to overcome. Definitely not easy. If their pitching continues to be this bad, than they won't go ANYWHERE in the next couple of years. I still believe that they should regret the Volquez - Hamilton trade. They would still have plenty of offense, and Volquez could be a good anchor to that rotation. The AL Wild card isn't out of reach (they are 6 back) but it will be very hard for them to get past teams like the Yankees, Red Sox or Rays.

Percentage chance: 20%

Dyhard's take: They have a TON of hitting, but what is going to kill them is their pitching. They can score runs, but they also give up a lot of runs too. I have seen plenty of their scores that have lots of runs for the Rangers, and even more runs for the opposing team. The one thing they need to fix to be able to get in the playoffs in ANY way is their pitching. They aren't going to be able to fix it in time, and they will miss the playoffs.

Percentage chance: 25%

SS's take: They've got Hamilton, they've got Kinsler, they've got Young, but they've got no pitching. It's Vicente Padilla, then a bunch of guys no one has heard of unless they're a Rangers fan and Kevin Millwood. The rotation isn't brilliant, but they've shown they can score enough runs to get themselves into the AL Wild Card picture. They've gotta get better starting pitching to make it though...

Percentage chance: 40%

That ends our AL portion of this series. Stay tuned for our NL portion coming Friday-Sunday!


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