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After days of turning the channel when it came up, the show's cancelled. The soap opera between the Green Bay Packers and Brett Favre is finally over. Personally, being a Packers fan and Favre maniac, this past month was basically (I know, this is a cliche) a train wreck; you want to turn away but you just keep watching when news on the situation came up.

Whether it was a text message to GM Ted Thompson or possible trades, ESPN went out of there way to cover this story, bringing in every grain of information like we needed it to live. They even gave Favre is own section on the BottomLine. Sure, that's cool and all, but ESPN went a little too far with the Favre-fest. Almost as far as the "power of the stache" or whatever they did for too long when Giambi had a moustache. Thank God he shaved that thing off.

Anyway, you didn't click here to read about facial hair, you came to read about Favre. Well, actually, you came here to find out what this post was about and now most of you guys probably clicked away once you found it this is about Favre (thanks guys). So, how is the Favre storyline over? Well, he just got traded early on in the morning, or night, whatever you like. Brett Favre was traded to the New York Jets for a draft pick whose value depends on Favre's play...-ing time. The value goes up for how many % of snaps Favre takes during the season, and get this: if Favre plays 80% of snaps and the Jets make it to the Super Bowl, the pick is a first-rounder.

Even though I love Favre and the Jets are my second-favorite team (and they have been before this trade, trust me), it's hard to imagine the Jets even making the playoffs. They are in one of the worst divisions to play in. To start off with, the Patriots are almost definitely winning the division. So the Jets have to fight for the wildcard slot. Problem is the up-and-coming Bills are also looking great going into the season. So Favre has to help NYJ maintain a solid record and win critical games against New England and Buffalo. Doesn't look too good.

But Favre has beat the odds before. He was in a car crash and still played for Southern Mississippi the next season against Alabama. His dad died and he still threw 399 yards in Raider Nation. He has had not-too-good receiving corps and still thrown big games and years. So this could just be another challenge to Favre. And I'm sure he's really looking forward to it, because the Jets actually want him to play for them.

Think about how stupid this sounds when you think about it. A future Hall of Famer and a Top 5 quarterback right now tells the Packers after just an off-season of retirement-when teams really haven't done too much-that he would like to come back and play at least another year of football for their team. Green Bay's answer: no. It makes no sense that the face of their organization for the past, well, almost 20 years isn't welcomed back. So then false tampering charges come up and the Packers are basically paying Favre to stay retired, even though he's always said it was never about the money. That just tells me that the front office of Green Bay is stupid, stubborn, and...stupid.

But hey, Green Bay's my team and Favre's my quarterback. And the Jets are my second team. So it's all good for me. I'm just glad this soap opera is off-air.

Brett Favre is still playing, but says goodbye to Green Bay.



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