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DC Sports Nut: Nats, AGAIN??

     I debated doing this one as a "True Media Story" for FN Magazine. But then I thought, "It won't work". No one would understand it, unless I went into detail.

     So, it's a "Random" blog...

     Our cable system now has decided to put on this RFD-TV channel. Trust me, this is as "rural" as one can get. I mean, 8 hours of a cattle auction?? This is television?? But let's be fair: they do run some real old country music shows on there.

     Which leads me to this story...and it's all true.

     Years ago, my older brother was in a band with some friends of his (and our brother-in-law). They were actually good, to be honest. Good enough, in fact, to compete in a talent show broadcast (on our ABC station in Harrisonburg, VA) from the campus of James Madison University. Now, this was before the days of "American Idol",, so you have to understand what this was like.

     We had to sit through the entire day, to watch the taping of multiple shows for this talent showcase. Oh, fun.

     Long story made short, the band lost out and finished 2nd. But it's who beat them that's the reason why I'm writing this. It's a story of "star power", plain and simple.

     If you're familiar with the Statler Brothers singing group, then you know of Harold Reid (the bass singer). As I said, my brother's group lost out to a duo named "Kim and Carmen". As in Kim and Carmen...Reid. Daughters of...Harold Reid. Yes, that Harold Reid.

     Ah, but our story doesn't end there...

     Now, I didn't witness this next part of the story. I got it secondhand. But, it was typical of my brother's (somewhat) inflated ego. Apparently, after the taping was done, the band was standing around near Harold Reid...when my brother piped up (supposedly) and says:

"Oh, by the way, we're free this Fourth of July."

     It was a reference to the annual "Happy Birthday USA" celebration put on by the Statler Brothers for years in their hometown of Staunton, VA (which is an hour from my place). Like I said, I didn't witness this personally...but I wouldn't have put it past my brother to have said it.

     Needless to say, America was spared that public embarrassment. Uh, the band didn't show up @ Gypsy Hill Park in Staunton for the festivities. (Not that anyone was really expecting them...LMMFAO)

     For the record, my brother-in-law (who played the piano in the band) has been dead 16 years come December; my brother gave up playing the bass a few years ago...and the band broke up a few years after my brother-in-law died. Don't you just love a happy ending?? (Yes, that last line is sarcasm.)


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