I am a Woman and I love SportsCenter


It's happened. Brett Favre (yes...that Brett Favre) has jumped the shark.

Mr. Favre has also made me --now wait for it -- tired of hearing about football.

At least I am tired of hearing about him and football in the same breath. I was really psyched for tonight...the first preseason games are happening tonight, which means 'real' football is less than a month away! Usually I am giddy with excitement, not being able to see enough SportsCenter or read enough SI. I'm usually doing and re-doing my fantasy draft boards, walking around with a stupid grin on my face, whistling "All My Rowdy Friends" or the "Monday Night Football" theme (duh duh duh duh!) in the middle of meetings.

This year, all I've been getting is Favre-gate. ENOUGH ALREADY!! I didn't even know that Ben Roethlisberger had injured his groin (FOUR days ago), that Hunter Hillenmeyer was injured, or that Kyle Orton was starting for the Bears tonight. This is saying something, my friends.

Mr. Favre is now a Jet (West Side Story keeps going through my head...), but you know the circus isn't over. The Jets will be the most over-covered team this year. I just know it. It's like a bad dream. You think that it's going to be one of those rocking dreams that make you smile and not want to wake up, if you know what I mean.

Oh stop, you know what I mean.

Anyway...you've got that cheshire cat grin on your mug, and you are just getting to the good part--the climax of the dream, so to speak--and in floats Brett Favre.

In a Jets jersey.

That's enough to get the ol' ticker going, isn't it? And not in the good way.

Listen...I am a Bears fan. I should be delighted that the Packers have sent Favre packing. But I'm not.

Brett Favre is a legend. Seriously. the man plays hurt. Yeah, so he needed a little assistance once a long time ago. So what. He gets out on the field in every game (every game!), and makes playing professional football look easy. He wants to win. Hell, I think he needs to win.

And he was sent packing.

I understand the Packers' perspective. Brett had retired, and Aaron Rodgers had been prepping to lead the team. It wasn't fair to Aaron, it wasn't fair to the team as a whole, and it wasn't fair to the fans. But since when is life fair? Brett changing his mind put everyone in a bad position...but the Packers just seemed desperate to wash their hands of Favre. Really, guys...paying Brett Favre to stay retired? That's just...unseemly.

Yeah, I do think that Favre jumped the shark. I think that Favre is going to spend a season, maybe two, in New York, and his body will finally betray him. He'll still want to play, and he won't physically be able to do so. And he'll join the ranks of Unitas and Montana and Namath--great QB's who just weren't ready to quit, and who ended their careers with a team other than the one with which they made themselves legends.

That, my friends, is a little sad. The legends should go out on top.


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