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Anthony E-is out.

The Florida Marlins beat the Phillies 3-0. This is Anthony E. vs. Ghost talking about the Game. 

Chris Volstad's Line (3-2): 6.0 IP, 3 H, 3 K, 4 BB. Is he for real?

AE's The Phillies Phan Take: Of course this guy looks real. He no hit the Phillies dynamic lineup through 4 innings, and danced in and out of trouble with RISP multiple times during his 6 innings of work. Every time the Phillies got a runner to second, he buckled down. Of course he is for real.

Ghost's Marlins Fan Take: Though he is still a rookie, you can see a trend from his starts...he's always had solid outings, not blowing things up nor imploding...I think he's just going to get better.

Cole Hamel's Line (9-8): 6.1 IP, 7 H, 3 R, 2 ER, 7 K, BB. Good performance, but a loss?

AE's The Phillies Phan Take: Cole Hamels should be called "Hardluck Hamels" because of the extreme lack of run support he gets. He has lost 1-0, 2-1, 2-0, and 3-2 games all year long. Although he made some stupid mistakes like leaving an 0-2 pitch up to the 8 hole hitter with a man on 2nd and 2 outs. He can't avoid those small mistakes. And when your luck is down, you have to take what you control into your own hands. And he deserved the loss becuase the mistakes he made were his own.

Ghost's Marlins Fan Take: One of the unfortunates of the game really...he allowed few hits, fewer runs but his offense gave him no support whatsoever unlike stowe's man-bra.

The Ninth Inning that included a play at the plate and an easy pop fly dropped five feet away from first base by three players who couldn't make a simple play?

AE's The Phillies Phan Take: In the top of the ninth, Lidge who hasn't pitched lately was brought into a non save situation. He got three outs and held the fort, but allowed a runner to come home, only to be a dead duck when Jenkins assist from RF sent the Marlins into the bottom of the ninth with no insurance. Then the Marlins defense made a blunder on a simple Jason Werth pop up where three players standing 5 feet away from first base, but Gregg survived Werth reaching third and ended up saving the game. Drama with no results for the Phillies.

Ghost's Marlins Fan Take: Well, from a Marlins fan's point of view, I saw nothing I didn't see before...gut-wrenching, often times heart-breaking, sometimes ecstasy-inducing drama is a constant and reliable factor when they play.

Runners LOB. Phillies 10, Marlins 8...bad clutch hitting or good clutch pitching?

AE's The Phillies Phan Take: The Phillies streakiness has been horrid. They score in bunches. They could have won yesterday 1-0. Instead they scored 5 runs. On a day they needed 4, the couldn't get one. Runners LOB is the Phillies fault. Becuase if the pitching was good, there wouldnt be that many baserunners in the first place.

Ghost's Marlins Fan Take: Well I can speak for the Marlins when this is one of their major concerns...the LOB numbers are horrifying. Not just in this game, but throughout the season. It's a aspect they've slowly been correcting, to not depend solely on the deep ball, but to get timely hits as well. Since it's a common trend for them, I wouldn't say it was Hamels, rather the Marlins inability, still, to drive in runs in.

Overall take of this rubber game? What does this win mean for the Marlins, and this loss for the Phillies?

AE's The Phillies Phan Take: Simple. This Phillies loss coupled with a Marlins win, and a Mets win (they beat the Padres on Wright's walkoff 2-R HR) means that the Phillies lead the division by only 1.5 games over the Fish, and 2 over the Amazin's. Simple. No harm done, as the Mets and Marlins will play each other, and if the Phillies can take care of this upcoming Pirates series, this series will be an afterthought.

Ghost's Marlins Fan Take: Apparently unlike everyone is saying the Marlins can play defense. Apparently unlike everyone thinks the Marlins aren't a fluke. Apparently, on the contrary to what the ESPN airheads say, the Marlins have a solid, young pitching rotation as well as a decent bullpen. Apparently, the Marlins have a shot at this...doesn't get any tougher than taking the series at Philly...go figure huh? You would have thought it? Ummmm ME!!! thats right, you doubters, you critics, you mortals!! Suck on this, YANKEES SUCK!


AE: Ghost it was great working on this blog with you. Good Luck to your Marlins the rest of the way. It should be interesting. I enjoyed it! (The blog not the game err.)

Ghost: Yea...well **** and the Phillies. No, just kidding, it's always fun watching you writhe in pain knowing that a 20 milliion dollar team is beating you at home with rookie pitchers. It's been fortold my friend...written in the baseball gods baseball rules manual: Marlins will upset the balance and induce chaos in the sports world every few's comiiing!!!!  Who's next? Mets? Where's Cheez...ah there you are....hello friend....are you ready?....ok! **** and get ready....I'm done lol!

AE: Err..yes. We both hope you enjoyed this blog, and if anyone wants to do the same thing like a mets fan with me when the Phils play the Mets, or anyone else, send me a fanmail!




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