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I am writing this blog to go ahead and voice some things prior to the start of the college football season in order to make sure that everyone is on at the same sheet of music for at least the start of the NCAA season.  If all fans of all BCS Championship hopeful teams could maintain their grasp of these things, the end of the season, with the BCS Championship Bowl selection and crowning of the National Champion would be a lot easier for all to digest.

1.  Everyone is playing for a crystal ball, not a piece of paper.  The AP National Championship Title does not matter.  At the start of the season, I question how many team set the goal of being the AP National Champs?  I would assume none, because they all strive to be the BCS National Champions.  I could be a little off in my assumption, but I think if you truly ask yourself this question, you will see what I am getting at.

2.  If you are not the champion or best team in your conference, do not try to sell to the world that you have any business in the BCS National Championship game.  While there is no rule in the BCS for this, there should be.  It only makes sense.  If I am number 2 or 3 in my conference, how can I be number 1 in the nation?

3.  Strength of schedule is factored into the rankings.  If you never play anyone ranked, then lose to the only one you play, do not get upset when a team passes you with one more loss than you, but having played against ranked opponents more than 50% of their games.  The BCS is not new, nor are the factors which get you into the title game.  Athletic Directors know that this is the system that is in place.  They also know that strength of schedule is a factor.  Have them fix the problem.

4.  Finally, do not complain about the teams that get into the game.  Chances are if you look at your team's record, you will find some important losses.  Win the games!  The only exception that I can see to this is a scenario like the 2004 season with Auburn not getting into the title game due to three undefeated teams.  The system is not perfect in instances like this, but it has only happened once.  Some people will claim the 03 season with Oklahoma, LSU, and USC being the same thing, but back to my previous statement, win the games!  

The BCS is by no means perfect.  I for one would love top see a plus one game, but that is not going to happen this year, so you will not hear me complain about it in January if my team does not get in to the title game.  Its funny how most fans do not have that many issues with the BCS until late in the season.  I can assure you that they do not change the rules during the season.  This is the current system that is in place, that all teams know they are competing for, and that fans are hoping their team can win.  Remember these few things and December and January will be far less painful for us all.


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