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            We have gone through in every which way Chris Waters' miraculous first start in the MLB, the game in which he one-hit the best team in the American League at their home. Now, Chris Waters' second start is scheduled for Monday, August 11th against the Cleveland Indians at the Jake. We saw how his first MLB performance matched up with some of those of Orioles' past. Now we look into Waters' next start and how that can compare to those of the Orioles' bygone days.

            Mike Mussina-
            1st Start- 7.2 innings, 4 hits, 1 run, 4 BBs, and 1 K

            Just one year after being drafted out of Stanford, young Mike Mussina takes the mound for only the second time in his MLB career facing the team he only allowed 4 hit against in his first start: the Chicago White Sox. The White Sox were still dominating in the AL with a 64-45 record going into the August 9th game in 1991. All the White Sox hitters surely remembered Mussina from the last game when he made them look like he was still pitching in the minor leagues. And in Moose's second start, it showed that the Sox knew his stuff. Moose only lasted 3.1 innings, allowing 5 runs on 11 hits. However, he did not walk a batter, yet, struck-out 3. Mussina got the loss as the Orioles went down 7-4. Mussina's record fell to 0-2.

            Waters looks to, obviously, last past the 4th inning in his second start.  However, what I think hurt Mussina will not hurt Waters. Mussina faced the same team on back to back starts. Also, the team Mussina faced on back to back starts was top notched in the American League. Waters will not be facing the Angels again, yet, the Indians; the Indians that are 49-64 going into their game on 8/8.

            Jim Palmer-
            1st Start-7 innings, 7 hits, 4 runs, 0 BBs, and 6 Ks

            After young Jim Alvin Palmer's first start in the ML B from the bullpen, the 1965 Orioles felt that his 4 runs on 7 hits in 7 innings were not good enough to stay in the rotation. Jim went back to the bullpen for nearly a month until he finally took the mound again as the starter again on May 24th. The team he was scheduled to face was to be the now defunct Washington Senators. Jim completely dominated the Senators in two relief appearances. In the two games total, Jim pitched 6 innings not allowing a run or a hit. He also struck out 7 Senators and walked one. However, young Cakes would be facing a whole different demon as he faced the Senators as the starter, not the clean-up guy. But, Jim slayed that demon and went on to pitch 6 innings of 4 hit baseball while only allowing a single run. However, unlike his other two relief appearances, Jim walked 4 Senators and only K'd up one. The Orioles went on to win that game 2-1 and earned Jim Palmer his first win as a starter.

            It is debatable if Jim's second start was better than his first; but what is not debatable is that he was dominant in both. Whether he was striking out batters left and right like in his first start or if he was only allowing a single run while striking out one batter, he still dominated. Waters hopes to do the same thing Jim did. He hopes to come back in his second start to pitch just as well as in his first.

            Curt Schilling-
            1st Start- 7 innings, 6 hits, 3 runs, 5 BBs, 2 Ks

            After coming off a 62 game rest to come and start his first Major League start, the Orioles decided to put Schilling in the rotation to see if he could pitch effectively with only 4 days of rest. We all know Schilling could do it later in his career, but not so much in the younger days. Schilling had to face the same team he faced in his first start, the 79-63 Boston Red Sox. And just like Mussina, Schilling faltered in his second chance to slay the same team twice. Schilling only pitched 1.2 innings while allowing 4 runs on 5 hits. He also walked 2 walks and struck out only one. Once again, Curt was the victim of having to face the only team in the MLB that knew his stuff.

            Chris Waters, once again, will not have to do this. He has a fresh team to dominate. He also has a weaker hitting team to 1-hit. If he only allows one hit against players with the likes of Vladimir Guerrero, Mark Teixeira, and Torii Hunter; what will he do against a team that's sole offense is Grady Sizemore.


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