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Elite Throwdown Prediction Show

Round Five Special 


A Host Named NCshvDavid: Welcome back to the Final 10- Joining me as always when he is not taste-testing “B” Samples is Bigalke!

Bigalke: Mmmmm... loaded with vitamins E, P, and O...

AHNN: and of course our Third Wheel is ….

(Spins wheel)

Super Squirrel !!!

Bigalke: And now our friends from AT&Z will get the third wheel on the line and they will have 30 seconds to try and be funny -- Dennis Miller need not apply...

AHNN: and now ON with the Brackets!

Bigalke: Nope... remember folks, it is just bracket from now on... ten competitors remain -- eight must win or depart, while two are fighting to keep their undefeated status intact... so let’s get on with the show!





#4 Ghosthunter (4-0)
#6 Porkins (4-0)


AHNN: I don’t think anyone is stunned to see these two here- I mean, I am but not many are.

Bigalke: Porkins and Ghosthunter have emerged unscathed through the first four rounds of this grueling tournament. It doesn’t really surprise me... two guys who have consistently been around the top of the FanNation leaderboard for months now and two top-ten seeds... but Porkins has had the number on Ghost in the past, winning both their previous encounters.

AHNN: and with Porkins taking a semi break here- and Ghost also dropping off the Radar here as well- even though Ghost get the topic choice- I have to go with the Porkster here.

Bigalke: Whatever the topic choice, Porkins will be ready. I love the energy Ghost  brings to his debates, but Porkins simply has too diverse an expertise that having the choice of topic is not that big an advantage...

SS: Ghost-The train of unpredictability has rolled into the Winner's Bracket final. Now the question lies in whether he'll relapse and do the "Brett Favre Boogie" again naked with his John Madden doll.

Porkins-Porkins needs to stay away from the complimentary all-you-can-eat taco bar to win this battle royale.



AHNN: Porkins
Bigalke: Porkins
SS: Porkins





#10 0x NBA/NFL Champion (3-1)
#30 Super Squirrel (3-1)


AHNN: SS has slugged his way here- and 0x found himself timed out due to vacation- but hey, two weeks is two weeks- and I’m sure 0x can make a comeback if he can tear himself away from his Favre shrine hoping he comes to town

Bigalke: I hear Green Bay’s holding out for a vat of maple syrup and a bag of footballs from the Toronto Argonauts... so good luck with that futile prayer, 0x... oh, wait, what's that? He's a JET?! Whatever... life goes on for the Argonauts...

AHNN: As much as I hate to say it- I think the squirrel becomes roadkill this time- but to be this low seeded and make the final 10 is stunning in itself

Bigalke: Squirrel has done lower seeds proud in this tournament. As the lowest remaining seed, I will have to disagree and argue that the Squirrel crosses the road safely once again. He’s won against 0x before in their only previous encounter... and I bet he does it again to keep us fans of the underdog on a contact high...

SS: 0x-It must suck being the second best sophomore from Minnesota on FanNation...Especially to a complete jackass

SS-I still don't get what the hell the name "Super Squirrel" has to do with sports....


AHNN: 0x
Bigalke: Squirrel
SS: Squirrel





#14 Hemo (3-1)
#26 Ram (3-1)


AHNN: This one might be the TOP matchup in the Bigalke Bracket... er, among the guys with a loss- Hemo is still a monster TDer and Ram is as we all know is a Baaaaad Man

Bigalke: This is a veritable Clash of the Titans... or at least that’s what both of them would try to have you believe. But the only time they met previously, Ram pretty much had his way with Hemo. Granted, that was back in February... and since that time Hemo’s become a beast while Ram largely fell off the planet in Throwdown Land...

AHNN: Sorry, I think Ram could spend a Year in a prison camp hearing nothing but Obamas greatest hits – and still come back and be a top 10 TDer on this site

Bigalke: Ultimately I think that Hemo’s simply hotter right now. He gets to choose the topic, which in this case could help steer the game in his favor. He’ll need to... because if he doesn’t, another 13-7 defeat could be in his future.

SS: hemo-He may be possibly the biggest pain-in-the-**** on FanNation...but he's got some good qualities his.........ummmm....lack of balance around desks?

Ram-Call me when he finds his "testicular fortitude" and picks a rookie...



Bigalke: Hemo
SS: Ram





#16 nickb23 (3-1)
#25 GOAT 2.0 (3-1)


AHNN: This one should be good- two of my victims

Bigalke: These two have battled against each other only once before -- with GOAT taking a 7-2 decision in a tournament semifinal. That was a basketball topic, GOAT’s specialty... so, having the choice of topic, I’d imagine Nick would be smart enough to steer clear of that sport altogether...

AHNN: Both of these two are really good- and I  count myself fortunate to get by them both – But who knows how long GOAT 2.0 can hold up this being that good- Nick has been good for a LONG time

Bigalke: Nick’s been on fire this past month, posting a near-perfect 11-1-1 record. GOAT, meanwhile, has only had three battles since taking his only Elite loss to David back on July 7. However, all three were wins -- against PhillyEagles, Porkins and avenging the previous loss to David. Both are looking good... but that list (and the fact he dealt me a loss in the Elite) makes me lean toward the lower seed here...

SS: nick-If he chooses a baseball TD and doesn't in any way involve his man-crush, the apocalypse is coming...

GOAT-The "Greatest of All-Time" is gonna have to overcome the deep emotional scars caused by hemo's pictures to win this...



AHNN:  Nick
Bigalke: GOAT




#17 A Throwdowner Named NCshvDavid (3-1)


#21 rstowe (3-1)

AHNN: Our Final matchup presents me and Stowe- and thankfully I pick the topic – or else we would be debating 1920’s Middle Relievers in the National League.

Bigalke: And we all know how much David loves a baseball throwdown...


AHNN: Uh No.

Bigalke: This should be a spirited throwdown. Two ardent competitors squaring off for the ninth time... David leads the lifetime series 4-3-1, so both are evenly matched. I have a hard time going against a guy who has 662 wins as of this writing, though, so the fact that David is 3-0-1 in their last four meetings leads me to lean his direction...

AHNN: I actually have the pick here for once, So I think that gives me the advantage- But stowe used to have my number who knows if the momentum has swung back But I’m not ready to lose back to back and lose here

SS: David-Over/Under 50 spelling errors from the Pimp in this TD? I got the over...

rstowe-Stowe finally meets his match in this TD...someone else who was around at the same time as Alexander the Great....



Bigalke: David
SS: rstowe wins the battle of the Cro-Magnons...




Bigalke: Well, that’s our episode for now. We’ll have to see how this all shakes out... but we’re now getting into the final stages. We’re only a few rounds away from crowning an Elite throwdown champion! Stay tuned, and have fun... and don’t forget to vote!!!


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