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Well, I've done team breakdowns. I've talked about players..and given you all predictions about the teams.  I'm yet to do a schedule breakdown..until now.  So, I'll be predicting defeats and wins and giving you breakdowns of the game..pretty early..but everyone loves college football.  So, here we go.

vs. Akron- This is the first chance to see the Badgers new starter Allen Evridge.  I think that this is a good opener.  Not too much of a threatening team.  The MAC is a really good football it will be a little bit of a test..but the Badgers should win.  I'll predict the Badgers to get the win, in dominating fashion.

vs. Marshall- This is another game much like the Akron game in my opinion.  This is another great "get your feet wet" game for Allen Evridge.  Really this is another game that we should dominate.  These first two games are both great opprotunities to really learn about our recieving core and to find out who the main targets are going to be.  I predict the Badgers will win big.

 at Fresno State- This is the first real challenge of the year.  This game marks the beginning of the really difficult part of our schedule.  This is a huge game for us.  Fresno State is the first ranked opponent we play against.  I think that we need to dominate our first two games..we need to show Fresno State what it's like to play with a big physical football team.  Shove PJ Hill, Lance Smith and John Clay at 'em all night.  Pat Hill always has tough good tough football I know they'll be ready.  The big key for this game is going to be for us to take the home crowd in Fresno out of it.  This is our first road'll be huge.  I'm still up in the air on this one..but I'm going to predict a close loss..and that hurts me.

at Michigan- Well, we caught Michigan at the right time.  It's still going to be early enough in the season.  Coming off my predicted close loss at Fresno State is really going to pump up this football team.  Our first conference game, and on the road..are both huge factors.  I see the Badgers really sending a message with this game..I see complete and utter dominance by the Badgers.  Over the summer several of the Badgers coaches met with some Appalachian State coaches about using and stopping the spread..this is the first game it will really become apparent we did that.  Once again I see the Badgers dominating

vs Ohio State- This is the game of our schedule.  Getting the highly ranked Buckeyes in our house at night...there's already been some talk of having a red out inside the Camp.  This is the ultimate, send a message game.  With this single game we can show how good we really are.  After a tough stretch of two on the road..this is a great welcome back home game.  This starts a stretch of back to back night games, in the house of horrors for opponents.  Ohio State is in trouble this game..I say that for the simple fact that they're on the road in a brutal environment.  I predict the Badgers win by a touchdown.

vs Penn State- This is the second of back to back home games.  Yet another opprotunity for us to avenge a loss from last year.  I don't see Penn State being able to handle this intense night time environment nearly as well as Ohio State will do the previous week.  Penn State will keep it close for a little bit..then eventually they'll get rocked.  My prediction is a huge win for the Badgers at home.

at Iowa- This has a chance to be a huge let down game for us.  After back to back night games..heading into Iowa City.  This Badger team has a chance to have a huge let down.  I don't see it happening though.  Bret Bielema will get the guys pumped up to play against his alma-mater.  The Badgers will win close.

vs Illinois- Ahh the Homecoming game.  This will be a huge game.  Another big crowd on hand, as always.  It will of course be a huge party atmosphere inside Camp Randall. The sheer craziness of that week will lead the Badgers to victory.  The Badgers win this one.

at Michigan State- This week we're playing against an improving Michigan State East Lansing. This won't be easy..especially because, at least in my opinion, Michigan State will be a sleeper team in the conference.  Coach Dantonio is going to have the Spartans ready to go.  The Spartans are relatively similar to the Badgers.  I see a very physical smash mouth game.  I'm sadly going to predict the Spartans a field goal.

at Indiana-  Ahh a nice bounce back game for us.  I see this game as being a chance for us to really flex our muscles.  I'm going to predict a win here.  I don't think Hoosiers will be as good as they were a year ago.  I see the Hoosiers coming back down to earth.  So, once again the Badgers will win.

vs. Minnesota- The games at Camp Randall have been blowouts lately.  I see more of the same.  The Gophers still aren't going to be able to compete with us.  So, I predict a Badgers win in dominating fashion.

vs Cal Poly-  Well, look for back to back blowouts.  This game could have been either Virginia Tech or Rutgers, but neither of those two schools could come to an agreement with us for the game.  We're going to use this final game to send a message to whoever we play our bowl game against. I predict the Badgers winning in blowout fashion.

My schedule prediction is 10-2.  These were my predictions..and me being completely honest.  I put aside all of my much as I probably shined through a few times.  But, these predictions are just predictions.  No guarantees that this will actually happen.  Feel free to disagree.  


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