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Here's a few short rules I'll be putting in place.

- We'll be playing the games on the standard setting for online ranked games. I believe this is five minute quarters on All-Pro difficulty, but I'll have to double check once the new version comes out this week.

- You can be whatever team you want. If you want to be the Patriots and throw a hail mary to Moss every play, or be Chicago and return nine kicks a game with Hester, go for it. Though it would be curteous of you to pick a team that is close to your opponents. By this I mean if the person your playing picks a team that is an 80 overall, it'd be really nice of you to pick a team that's also rated around 80 overall, and not just always be the highest rated teams out there.

- Have fun with it. Besides bragging rights, there won't be any huge prize for this, so don't forget to take it easy and enjoy it.

The tournament specifics:

- I'd like to make a schedule where everyone plays everyone else. That way we all get a chance to play multiple games. This depends on how many people we get. If we only have 8, we could play each other twice, and the four teams with the best records could head into a play bracket to determine the ultimate champion. If we have a larger number, say around 20, then maybe we would only play each other once, and handle playoffs the same way. 

- I believe this version of Madden also has an online league setting, meaning that we could all enter that and it'd be much easier to plan everything out and keep it organized. Again, I'll get the specifics on that once the full game comes out.

- As for organizing games, that will come down to the two people playing each other. I will (hopefully) release a schedule, and once you know who you're playing, it's up to you two to figure out when a good time to get a game in is. You can do it right away, you can do it at three in the morning, as long as the game gets played, it doesn't matter.

- To report the games, both members should come back to FanNation after the game is played and give me the final score. Don't lie and say you actually won the game if you lost, because this is all in good fun. If we do this through an Online League in the game, then you may not have to report it, because I'm guessing it will tell all of us the outcome of all of our games.

That's all I can think of right now. Obviously it'll be easier to comprehend and finalize once the full game comes out, but that's just a rough run-down of what I'd like this tournament to be like.



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