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    The Baltimore Ravens are about to embark on the worst season in franchise history. My fellow Ravens fans need to  understand this before the seasons begins. Last year Ravens finished the season 5-11 and would be lucky to finish this season with that record.

    The Ravens quarterback problem will be too hard to overcome. Kyle Boller had his chance to become a good quarterback in the National Football League, but its over. Kyle Boller will never be a productive quarterback in the NFL in Baltimore. The entire city of Baltimore has given up on Boller and Boller was never given a far chance in Baltimore. Now to Troy Smith. He has proven nothing in the NFL. He started in two games and went one and one. The first game Ravens lost 6-27 but he did throw a TD pass. The second game Troy Smith won 27-21 in Week 17 throwing a TD pass against the Steelers 2nd string defense.Thats not at all impressive. Then there is Joe Flacco. Where did we go wrong? I thought Ravens were a very good drafting team until they selected him. Playing for Deleware he wasnt exactly playing in big games agaisnt the top competition. I just cant say anymore about the Flacco Fiasco. No matter who the Ravens put out there that man would still be the worst quarterback in the division.
    The quarterback issues is the least of the Ravens problem. The Ravens offensive line is terrible. No, its worse than terrible. All of the Ravens O-lineman are playing new positions this season. This problem makes our quarterback problem just unthinkable. If you have a terrible quarterback taking charge with an even worse offensive line you are just asking for trouble.To add insult to injury Jared Gaither is out indefinitly with a sprained right ankle and Adam Terry suffered an injury but should be back for the season. He will be playing hurt though and that will cause even more problems for our line. Now we have Oniel Cousins, Ravens third round pick, playing with the #1 team at right tackle. 

    The Ravens receivers are the worst in the division and can never get open. Somehow no matter how many receivers the Ravens put out there not one can get open for their quarterback.Todd Heap will not play a full season and that is guarenteed. He is the biggest baby on the Ravens team. Heap will get hurt in week 3 come back week 12 play in that game and next game he will come out saying he came back to soon and will be out the rest of the season like always. So the Ravens will have to put in there back-up. O wait Sypniewski, Ravens back-up tight end last year, is on the IR. Then we have Clayton and Williams battling injuries right now. We wont know how healthy they will be for the season. Derrick Mason is now 34 and lost a step and losing a step means a world of difference when you are a receiver. Intead of burning a guy on a deep route the CB is running along side you and Quarterback cant go deep.

Now to the final part of the Ravens offense. Willis McGahee and the rest of the backs. McGahee is battling an injury as well as many many of the Ravens starters but even with a healthy Mcgahee the Ravens running game will not get very far. With a depleated and terrible passing game the opposing defense will stack the box with 8 and who knows maybe even 9 men until any of our quarterbacks can prove they can consistantly throw the ball. From what I have been reading Ray Rice is looking very good but once again with 8 or 9 men in the box he wont be going anywhere.

 On to Baltimore's defense. The Ravens have been a dominant and a very talented defensive team since the begining of the franchise but were a little shaky  last year. I think they will be a little better but not by much and with the offense playing like it will it wont matter how good the defense is. Baltimore's defense will be backed up playing on a short field. With the offense accumulating 3 and outs the Defensive will be on the field longer and be worn out. By week 8 you will be able to the defensive fatiguing from all the extra excertion.

Haloti Ngata hurt his left leg in training camp and Ed Reed has a shoulder injury and these are two players play two very important roles in the Baltimore's defense. 

Samari Rolle is getting older and is not as reliable as he once was. Also, Chris Mcalister is coming of knee surgery and we will hope he will be back to his normal role as our shutdown corner but we dont know for sure. With Reed, Rolle, and Mcalister having some issues the Ravens secondary is going to have their fair share of problems. I think we would do decent if we werent playing quarterbacks like Tony Romo, Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer, Big Ben, Derek Anderson, Donavon Mcnabb. These quarterbacks will all be able to exploit the the Ravens secondary weaknesses.

Now its time to rap this up. The Ravens have to play the toughest division the NFC East. They will go 0-4 against the NFC East while being destroyed by the Cowboys in Dallas  on week 16 by my prediction of 37-10, but I dont think that will be the hardest loss we suffer in the NFC East. Ravens will be also blown out by the rivals Washington Redskins. The Ravens fans will be pumped and excited only to be blown away by rivals at M&T Bank Stadium suffering the most painful loss of the season 27-7.

Ravens will go 1-3 against the AFC South stealing a win at Reliant Stadium against the Texans in week 2,but suffer another big loss against the Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium on week 6  24-10.The Jags and Titans will be a struggle as they will run on the Ravens D and play very tight D as they did last year.

 In the Ravens own division the will go 2-4 beating the Steelers and Browns at home. Beating the Browns 23-14 and Steelers 17-16 in a tight game.

     They play two games against Dolphins and Raiders as well and will lose another heart breaker to Dolphins as they did last year handing Miame their only win of the season but will beat the Raiders at home in week 8 27-9.



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