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Edition 76 within the hallowed blogs of DPS is my honor, and don't expect anything you expected from this group. All of the songs that I've selected have been selected, frankly, because I like them. They're good songs, and I promise I won't Bucmaster this.

1. Don McLean- Vincent

It's a starry, starry night

This ballad by McLean is written as the story of Vincent Van Gogh's life. It's a slow, solemn piece performed with an acoustic guitar and a voice. This song epitomizes the songwriting ability that McLean possessed, and while not blessed with a truly great voice, everything he performed and wrote had a great air about it.


 2. Dropkick Murphys- Green Fields of France

 Yes, they do in fact look like dou<hebags.

This song, which is one in a long tradition of Dropkick Murphys songs, is a cover of a song written long ago, in this case by Eric Bogle, is a ballad that entails a man going to a World War I fatality's grave and asking questions to the fallen soldier. It's an incredibly powerful piece, and worth a listen regardless of what genre of music draws you to Dogs, Pigs, and Sheep.


3. Rammstein- Heirate Mich

These guys also look like dou<hebags. Can't help it.

This song has one really awesome thing going for it: It's in German. Seriously, this an awesome song, and if you don't know what it's about, go here.


4. Jim Croce- Operator

Victory cigar? See, I related this to sports. Ole.

This song is a great way to get to know one of the 1970's forgotten artists. Croce, who died in a 1973 plane crash (on the day before the release of his third album, no less), is probably best known for the song "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown", but I consider this song about lost love to be more musical and better written than the more popular rock-and-roll piece. Man, that's one hell of a mustache.


5. Iron Butterfly- In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Part one and part two, it's too long for one Youtube video)

I have the special edition of this album, and they made it so that the players all move on the cover, and it's absolutely awesome! 

This incredible masterpiece of jam music was actually written in 1968, predating modern jam music hitting the mainstream. What basically became a one-hit wonder, Iron Butterfly's piece de resistance is a 17 minute recording of pure and utter awesomeness. This song can singlehandedly be blamed for my love of jam bands, and for good reason. Something about nine minute melodious drum solos makes me practically cream myself.


6. The Beatles- We All Live in a Yellow Submarine

I stole a copyrighted image. I have no shame.

Because no list in this group is complete without a group that every music noob knows (and because I really, really like irking all of the music afficianados in this group), I decided to throw this on at the end. We need to go out on a happy note.


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