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NCAA Football 09


I think that NCAA 09 was WAY over hyped, I got the game a week ago for PS3, and it sucked,

Everyone runs like they're jogging,

All the controls are scrambled up so you can't get used to them, all of the defensive plays are really unfamiliar, R2 is to sprint, x is to stiff arm, it's harder to break tackles,  

On Dynasty mode I miss having the cover of ESPN the Magazine on the main menu,

On Campus Legend, it's sweet being able to ply your high school career, but they need to let you create you own high schools uniforms and not just pick from like 3 different color combinations.

They need to bring back Create a Team, I always liked going on create a team, making a sucky team and trying to make them good on dynasty mode, it kinda presents a challenge, and it's cool whenever you try to make your high school on there.

They need to stop being lazy and name the players, if I'm gonna spend $60 on the game, I don't want to have to spend the day naming all of my players on LSU and all of the stars on the game. How hard can it be? I would do it if someone would pay me to.

They need to increase the game speed and make everyone stop running like they a pine cone stuck up there butt.

The new thing where they show Highlights at the end of the game is pretty cool, it kinda makes up for of my old favorite feature that got cut out of this years version.

I like super Sim, it makes playing on campus legend mode a lot easier.

I like the new way they do recruiting, but the way all of the good prospects sign before off-season even starts is rather unrealistic.

The gang tackling is alot cooler this year, it's also a bit smoother, if they can get everyone start running a little more normally it would make the game very realistic

I like the new play calling menu, although the ask Corso plays never work, I guess that's why he sucked while he was coaching

They need to quite being cheap and bring back the FCS teams, instead of just putting in those 4 FCS teams to take there place, that sucks. I want LSU to be playing Appalachian state on opening day, not FCS Southwest

Also, it would be nice if they would take the time to get some new comments for the gameday crew, from the time I've been playing in the last 5 years, they've been say the exact same things, how hard can it be to bring Lee and Kirt in and have them say something new for a change?

Overall it was a good game, not near worth the hype it received in last few weeks, but decent, it wouldn't of hurt my feelings, if the guys would of spent less time making gay mini-games, and more time naming players, but I can only wish.

Thanks for reading and have a great day. 


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