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I will be doing one of these for every division, starting out with the AFC East.


1. New England Patriots, 15-1

The New England Patriots may not be the best team in the NFL (possibly though) but the Patriots have the easiest schedule by far out of any team in the whole league.  They only play four teams with records over .500 last year and only two of those teams should actually give them trouble - Indianapolis Colts and the San Diego Chargers.  I am thinking that they will win one of these games and lose one of them.  Many say that the 16-0 season was luck or something stupid like that but the Patriots have a fantastic offense.  Tom Brady probably won't throw 50 touchdowns again and Ranyd Moss probably won't catch 21 of them but I can see 40 and 15 touchdowns, respectively.  They got a good backfield when they use it - Sammy Morris and Laurence Maroney.  Their O-Line is probably the best in the league and their defense may also be the best in the league, even with the loss of Asante Samuel.  When your team is this good, less than 15 or 14 wins is out of the question.

What will happen?: Lose in AFC Championship


2. Buffalo Bills, 7-9

The Buffalo Bills went 7-9 last year so you might think that they are an improving team.  Not quite.  All but one of Buffalo's seven wins last year came against teams with records under .500 (including the Miami Dolphins twice).  The only team that they did beat with a record over .500 was the Washington Redskins.  Even with that said, the Bills are still a team not to play around with.  Trent Edwards did great last year as a rookie and Lee Evans should be able to get out of his funk and play like he did in 2006.  Marshawn Lynch could very easily rush for 1,200 yards and score 10 touchdowns - don't be surprised if he does better than that.  They have a decent offense but defense still remains the thing that will win games for the Bills this year.  Add CB Leodis McKelvin and DT Marcus Stroud to an already good offense that has LB Angelo Crowell and DE Aaron Schrobel . . . could be one of the better ones in the league.  Those two late season games against the Patriots this year could decide whether the Bills contend for the playoffs or not.

What will happen?: In the Wildcard race for the beginning of the season


3. New York Jets, 6-10

I know what your thinking, the Jets will no way get only six wins this year.  This year the Jets offense will be based upon Brett Favre and all I can say is madden curse, madden curse, madden curse.  Did the Jets think of this before they traded for him?  I predict that Favre gets injured this year, plays only a few games, and throws more interceptions than touchdowns (sorry to all of you many Favre fans on FanNation).  If Favre goes down, Kellen Clemens will be the quarterback and that isn't good.  The Jets do have good recievers though - Jerricho Cotchery has had at least 1,000 yards over the past two years and Laveranues Coles is just one year removed from his 2006 where he was razzle-dazzle.  The offensive line has improved thanks to the additions of Alan Faneca and Damien Woody.  Thomas Jones should benifit from this and even if he does falter again, Leon Washington and Jesse Chatman are nice backups.  Other than linebackers David Harris and Vernon Gholston plus Kerry Rhodes in the secondary, the defense lacks . . . well, everything.  If the Jets want to win, they will basically have to do it on offense alone.

What will happen?: Give opponents a good fight, not much more


4. Miami Dolphins, 2-14

Not many people are expecting the Dolphins to win two games but you can't go 1-15 two years in a row . . . can you?  Probably not and that is why I have the Dolphins winning a whopping two games.  The only bright spot on this team is Ronnie Brown at runningback and an improving Ted Ginn Jr. at wide reciever.  Their quarterback situation is a mess, even with Chad Pennington.  Pennington can't stay healthy for nothing and behind him, it gets even worse.  Either Josh McCown, Chad Henne or Josh Beck will be the quarterback if Pennington goes down.  Yikes.  Not to mention that their O-Line is even worse, although 1st overrall pick Jake Long could help a bit.  The only think that Dolphins fans can hope for on defense is Joey Porter getting back into the form he was with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  If he stays in his slump, the Dolphins won't win two games, more like 0 or 1.

What will happen?: Get killed in every game except a few.





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