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!<p>What in the name of blue blazes is Brother Paul yapping about now? Who's the upstart; who's the villain, and a Class Act from the Jets? (So you think you know that one? You think I'm going to mention their newest player. Well, you're wrong!)</p>

<p>Well the upstart is the UFL (United Football League) that will supposedly make its debut next year and thru to

Thanksgiving 2009.</p>


<p>I guess they weren't paying attention when Donald Trump and Larry Csonka failed with their league back in the

1970's. I guess they must have slept through Vince McMahon's (from WWE) debacle where the only thing that could be right was the fact that the players had to "scramble" for the ball on opening kick-off and the fact that they added a new "sky-cam" that's currently being used in the NFL.</p> 


<p>Good luck, UFL. If you can pull off where other billionaires have failed (and yes, Mark Cuban will be one of the owners), then you're a better man than Vince or Donald. (Hey, maybe we could have the three owners of the "expanded teams" try to beat each other to a bloody pulp on WWE Raw. Oh wait, then Mr. McMahon would make even more money. Scrap that stupid idea.)</p>


<p>However, we would probably not have heard of this team  so quickly had it not been for who they are trying to sign.</p>

 <p>They are trying to sign that "dog-killer" who's in jail until July 2009, and who won't be allowed to play REAL

football with the NFL (or even the Candian Football League) until he's reinstated by Commissioner Goodell.</p>

<p>And, the new league is 98% sure that they will get Vick. The other two percent believe that a rabid pack of pit bulls will kill him the minute he steps out the prison gates.</p>

<p>I know that I have terrorized and belitted one man over the last few posts, but I have even less love for Michael Vick than I do my hated enemy who stops me from returing to my beloved Pack until he is sent PACK-ing for good.</p>

<p>Michael Vick was not only a vicious liar about his activities with pit bulls (which really aren't pit bulls, as the only reason they are known as that is because a few stupid morons have taken the terrier's teeth gripping ability and tried to turn it into a "sport." But, even his viciousness and his lies are not what have caused me to despise this moron.</p>

<p>This dufus only made around $100,000 from his "sport" of pitbull fighting, and ending up throwing away a several million dollar career, because of the excitement of watching one dog kill another. (And, in training, Michael would drown the dogs if they couldn't fight well enough.)</p>

<p>The Commish, Roger Goodell, refused to let Pacman Jones wrestle. I say if Vick plays football and gets paid for it before the Commish is ready to reinstate him, then he should be banned from the NFL for life.</p>

<p>And, then we set a pack of rabid Bull Terriers after Michael Vick and see how fast he can escape his opponent.</p>

 <p>Now, to the Classiest Act from the Jets. (And it ain't who you think I think it is.) Here's the key word. FROM.

<p>This guy is no longer a Jet. But, he's still got class.</P>

 <p>When Pennington was asked about what he felt about being replaced, here's what he said, (Courtesy of Peter King's quotation, and if you ain't reading MMQ, then you can't REALLY call yourself a fan of NFL football.)<      /p>

<p>"I don't have hard feelings. The great thing about being a fan is you can have an opinion and you can express your opinion. A lot of people don't have that freedom and don't have that opportunity. I don't have any regrets. I don't have hard feelings towards anyone. It's a game. Sometimes we forget that, but it's a game. It's a game a lot of us played as kids and enjoyed so much that sometimes the business side of the game ruins that. I've always tried to keep that first and foremost."</p>

<p>I wish that class act the best of skill and hope he and his Dolphins whoop up on the Patriots this year.</p>

<p>And, you thought that I was going to mention my favorite player, Bre-- whoops, almost did, didn't I?</P>

<p>Make it a great day! (As Long As You're Not Michael Vick!)

<p>P.S. I already know that a bunch of you are going to beat up on me and say I should have remembered that, but I still think that the GBP debacle was handled wrongly, and I ain't budging.</p> 




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