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It is only about 2 and a half weeks away now.  I can not remember in 23 years of followging UGA football being this excited and agitated for the start of the season.  Thye were playing a big promo on the wide screen TV's at Wal Mart a couple nights  ago for the start of the season.  I watched like a hypnotized monkey.  The pressure is just about to pop my ears.  Even after I take my meds.

As it turns out, my good friend Poke has a ticket waiting for me.  But here's the catch: I am scheduled to work that day.  Now, if they fire me for taking too many sick days, problem sovled.  But that creates another problems, which would be buying groceries for UGA64 and his brother and sister. Maybe something will work out.  

There are quite a few questions that we need to get answered, however.  Just a few here:

1)  Did Knowshon Moreno prepare his short yardage game in the offseason?  I know he racked up a lot of yards, but he usually got his likcks by finding the hole.  I don't mean to harp on this, but I saw Thomas Brown crack the line in the same defensive sets that stopped Knowshon dead in his tracks. Or, will Caleb King take on more of the power role in the running game, even as a True Frosh?  I think this is critical to us, given that we like ball control on the ground.   It is good to have a great O line that excels in pass protection and run blocking.  They should be even better. Which leads to question #2=

2) Fat Matt.  I love Matthew Stafford.  I want to see him get more attempts this season.  I want to see him get more passing TD's this season.  Are we going to step up our passing game this year?  This is key to building scores on the board.  Quick strike passing is supposed to be Coach Richt's forte.  I want to see it light up the board this year.  Will AJ Green be respected enough to draw double coverage on every snap? This would be very cool.  That frees up more tight end routes and opens up the other side of the field, which will create even more holes for Knowshon and company.   The bottom line would be high forties, mid fifties, demoralizing scores , creating fear and respect and validating our #1 ranking. 

3)  Defense and the forced turnover.   We like to pressure , chase, and sack opposing quarterbacks.  We need the defensive backfield to exlploit this more this season by ballhawking and creating defensive scores on turnovers.  Like a big score by the offense, this knocks the wind out of the opponents.  I think we might just get some of this in the ASU game, given their porous O line.  How cool would it be to see pretty Katie, the ASU cheerleader who made the "cheerleader of the week" staning in stunned disbelief on the sidelines as she watches her quarterback twiitching on the field while we run his  hammered loose football in their end zone?

Yeah,, I am so freakin' ready .  Somebody said I was too cocky.  They are  right.  


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