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Three years ago the Dallas Mavericks swung a draft-day trade involving Antawn Jamison that netted them Jerry Stackhouse, some stiff named Laettner (I'm from Kentucky-you connect the dots on that one), and the Number 5 overall draft pick, which they used to select a promising young point guard named Devin Harris.

Now, Devin heads into his fourth NBA season, and the Mavs are still in search of a franchise point guard. The strange thing is this is no real knock on Devin, as he has improved over the years and is arguably the quickest player on the Mavericks. But he so frustratingly inconsistent and cannot be counted on to knock down the outside jumper on a regular basis. His main asset is that he can split the defense and get to the rim, usually drawing a foul. Which is all fine and good, except you don't want him drawing the foul in the playoffs, as you can't really count on him to hit the free throws in crunch time. And there lies the problem. How far can Devin Harris carry the Mavericks?

Avery Johnson says he has confidence in him. Me, I kind of wish the Mavericks had made another draft-day deal three yeas ago, which would have sent Devin to the 76ers and given us a guy named Iguodala (almost happened). That said, the Mavs have a decision to make. Is Devin Harris their point guard? If so, what are they going to do to minimize his mistakes? If not, where can they move him and who will replace him? The Seattle Sonics are searching for a big point guard. One possibility is sending Devin for Luke Ridnour (who doesn't fit the Sonics offense) and one of Seattle's seven-footers, possibly Johan Petro. This would give the Mavericks three solid centers, and Petro can move and score well for a big man.

As for their picks in the draft (34,50,60) I see the Mavericks taking the best college player at 34 (Taurean Green?), then foreign talent with the other two. That would allow them to remain overseas and develop, a la Manu Ginobili.


1. Just read where former major-leaguer Mel Hall was picked up for molesting two young girls while coaching a select girls basketball team. As this apparently happened just up the road in North Richland Hills (TX), Mel, we are all ashamed of you.

2. I sincerely hope that doctors at the University of Louisville were able to successfully re-attach that young girl's feet after she lost them at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. A terrible tragedy. All my prayers go out to her and her family.

3. Ricky Hatton/Jose Luis Castillo is on in 20 minutes, and promises to be a doozy. This is the type of fight I've been talking about in my other blogs that needs to happen.

4. Jason Giambi's taking way too much heat. At least he's going to sit down and talk to Senator Mitchell. You see Bonds or McGwire, or even Sheffield doing that?

5. The Star Wars Robot Chicken special was the funniest piece of animated comedy I've seen since the last new episode of Family Guy.

6. Looks like Pacman Jones may be reserving an extended stay at the CrossBar Hotel, which begs one question...Does the name Pacman still apply if you're the one getting packed?

7. Don't worry, Tank Johnson. With athletes and their attitudes today, you still got a shot at NFL Man of the Year.

8. Still waiting for the Rangers to pull the Dontrelle Willis trade. The Cardinals got Mike Maroth for a player to be named later. Are you telling me the Rangers weren't in on those talks? Or is their farm system so bad that there aren't any players Detroit would want later?

9. I know little about hockey. I'm just happy Americans went 1 and 2.

10. Looks like Durant made it an interesting choice for the Blazers. Can you imagine a combination of Jarrett Jack, Brandon Roy, Martell Webster and Durant in the backcourt and on the wing? Good Lord.


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