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People seem to not be able to appreciate what LSU has done in the past 7 years, mainly because of the radical, mean fans we are a pretty hated school, and because of that people have a hard time seeing how good of a story what LSU has done is. But when you look at what they've done with unbias eyes, it's really a quite amazing story.

LSU was coming off of the worst decade of football in school history, and just fired the guy who seemed to be killing the program, and the boom, along comes the savior, Nick Saban. His first year he takes LSU to a bowl game. Then his second year LSU makes an improbable run through the SEC west and makes it to the SEC championship. When they finally get there they are faced with SEC juggernaut Tennessee (who was also ranked number 3 at the time I believe) LSU then goes on to beat Tennessee with a back-up QB and win the SEC for the first time since 1988. 

In 2002 also they a disappointing 8-5 season and didn't even finish the season in the top 25. After that season LSU lost there starting QB Rohan Davey and RB's LaBrandon Tofeild, and Dominic Davis (now Williams), all 3 went in the first three rounds of the NFL draft, this set up what seemed to be a rebuilding season for LSU in 2003, they started the season unranked in most major polls. Well as the weeks went by they beat team after team and everyone kept pointing out games and saying this is the one that will prove that LSU is a pretender, yet LSU seemed to just keep on winning game after game, until they made it to the Sugar Bowl against HEAVILY favored Oklahoma ( if you wan tot get an understanding about how heavily favored they were, remember, this is a team that lost the last game of the season and still made it into the national championship over a USC team with the same record). LSU then goes on to win the national championship for the first time in almost 50 years, but is forced to split the title with USC.

After this season LSU losses a QB, but get's back a lot of major pieces from it's championship team, but thanks to nick Saban not establishing a QB and sticking with them, LSU goes through an extremely disappointing season in which they  end up in the Capitol One Bowl against Iowa. The weeks leading up to the Capitol One Bowl the savior of LSU betrays LSU and bolt bolts for the NFL and in his last game LSU losses on a hail mary pass with no time on the clock. LSU is now without a coach, with there savior who just brought in the best recruiting class in school history feeling betrayed, LSU moves quickly to get a replacement guy, and they pick Les Miles, out of Oklahoma state. And not one of the guys from the recruiting class in which Saban promised that he'd win them a national title transfer.

Going into the 2005 season the state of Louisiana was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Most player from south Louisiana had 8+ people living in there 2-3 people intended dorms. LSU was in such bad shape from the after math of Katrina they couldn't even host there first 2 games. Opening day at Arizona State LSU came out playing horribly and got down several touchdown in the forth, but thanks too two big special teams plays LSU was in position to win the game with 2 minutes left in the forth. Arizona State's defense held and LSU was forced into a forth down and long situation with about one minute left in the game. Jamarcus Russel threw a long pass to Early Doucet I believe and won the game with about a minute left.

LSU went on to go 10-1 and made it to the SEC championship. At that point a streak of bad luck hit LSU when LSU's Jamarcus Russel, Alley Brousard, Laron Landry, and Jesse Daniels all went down and LSU was left with virtually second teamers out against Georgia, they were blown out and LSU off of that single loss was sent to the  Peach Bowl, so they went from ranked third in the nation to the third lowest level bowl that a SEC team can go to.

Despite the slap in the face handed down to LSU, they didn't skip a beat in the Peach Bowl, beating Miami 43-3 in what could of been one of the biggest wins in coach Les Miles Career, because after the Georgia loss LSU fans waned his head to roll.

In 2006 LSU went into as a top 5 caliber team, but early losses to Florida and Auburn hurt them alot, if they would of beaten either one of them, they would have been playing Florida again in Atlanta for a bid in the national title. Never  the less a star studded LSU team went on to beat Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl.

In the 2007 off-season Former LSU Head Coach Nick Saban committed the ultimate betrayal to LSU by signing the most expensive contract in college Football with one of LSU's biggest rivals in Alabama . That day LSU fans started counting the days until they invaded Tuscaloosa.

In 2007 LSU came into the season after losing 4 first round draft picks, and was still ranked number 2. LSU won it's first 4 games in very impressive fashion. But when the defending national champion Florida Gator rolled into town LSU had to work a little more for the W. LSU got down 10 in the forth and came back after going 5 for 5 on fourth down. This victory set the tone for what seemed to be a wild season. LSU went on to lose to Kentucky, after that LSU's national title hopes had just been made much harder to achieve, LSU went on to squeak out of several games against SEC opponents until they played Arkansas. Arkansas beat them in OT, destroying LSU's national championship hopes.  In the following weeks Les Miles to Michigan rumors were raging, not that this team had enough detraction already, but now it seemed that yet another coach was gonna bail on them.

Hours before the SEC championship Les Miles came out and told everyone that "I am the coach at LSU I will be the coach at LSU and I'm excited about the opportunity of my damn strong football team, thank you and have a great day." Those words put a spark in the hearts of LSU's football payers and they went out and squeaked by Tennessee 21-14. Now LSU wasn't out of the clear yet, they still needed West Virginia and Missouri to lose, and sure enough, first Missouri fell, then West Virginia Choked.

LSU went on and rolled in the national championship, the only way this story could of been more Poetic was if they would of beaten USC who they were forced to share there last title with.

Look at al the stories behind this LSU football team,

Matt Flynn  went to LSU even after 5 star prospect Jamarcus Russel Committed, he stuck it out for 3 years and became the starter in year four and won a national title

The Golden Oldy Jacob Hester came in to LSU as a 2 star guy, he worked his way up until he was renound as the heart and soul of this defense

Glen Dorsey couldn't walk without braces until he was like 8, then he skipped out on the NFL draft to come back for a national title and got it, plus about every major defensive award there is

Luke Sanders Blew out his Knee his Junior year in high schools and earned a scholarship to LSU off his senior season alone, then was on the edge of getting cut, worked his way up the depth chart until he was starting his sophomore year then blew out his knee yet again. and then came back his Senior year and started on a national title winning squad.

The guys that were promised a national title by Nick Saban and watched him leave tem finally got that title there senior year under Miles.

What LSU has done in the last 7 years in nothing short of amazing, I just hope you can appreciate it like I do now.


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