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I'll be doing one of these every few days, just some series to watch over the week.  I will also give my 2 cents on how I think the series is going to go.


Detroit Tigers at Texas Rangers

Telivision/Radio: XM 180, Radio

Game Times: Monday at 8:05 pm, Tuesday at 8:05 pm and Wednesday at 8:05 pm

The 2 cents: If you think you have seen high scoring, thrilling games before, you haven't seen anything until you see this series.  These are two teams with high powered offenses that have terrible pitching.  Detroit is fifth in the majors in runs scored, yet they allowed the sixth most runs in the majors.  Texas is first in the majors in runs scored, yet they allowed the most runs runs in the majors.  Sounds like a wild ride.  To add even more offense, the games are going to be played at Texas Stadium, the best hitter's park in the MLB.  Short outfield with the wind blowing towards the fences . . . sounds like a nightmare for the pitchers in a series like this.  Out of the six pitchers that are supposed to start games this series, only one, just one, has an ERA under 5.00 heading into the series.  No misprint.  That pitcher is Armando Galarraga, who has an ERA under 3.20.  It is likely that he won't be getting rocked around.

The Skinny: I think both teams will score at least 30 runs this series.  Considering the way Detroit has been playing lately (like today where they lost 16-8), it doesn't look for them.  At the least though, they should be able to win the second game when Galarraga pitches.

The Prediction: Texas wins series, 2-1

Rating (1-5, 5 being the best): 5



Los Angeles Angels at Tampa Bay Rays

Telivision/Radio: First and Second games: XM 178, Radio, last game: ESPN

Game Times: Monday at 7:10 pm, Tuesday at 7:10 pm and Wednesday at 7:10 pm

The 2 cents: These games are big ones for Tampa Bay, not as much for Los Angeles who has a 15-game lead in their division.  Heck, Los Angeles could probably only win 10 games for the rest of the season and still win their division.  Tampa Bay on the other hand is only 3 games ahead in their division race and Boston (second place team) will have it easier than Tampa Bay this nest few days while they are playing Baltimore.  Tampa Bay will probably win this series anyway - they have a great home record.  Even so, this series will probably come down to who has better hitting.  Both teams rely on pitching and defense to win games and that is how both of these teams got all of their success.  Whoever can get off to an early lead in each game will have a good chance of winning those games.  The Rays ran into a wall when Evan Longoria and Carl Crawford got injured and that might affect them.

The Skinny: I predict that runs will be hard to come by in this series, maybe around ten for each team.  Both of these teams have magnificent pitching but LA has the edge in hitting . . . the Rays have have the bigger edge since they are playing in Tampa Bay.  If you don't like all of that high-scoring and would rather see a pitching duel, this is it.

The Prediction: Tampa Bay wins series, 2-1

Rating: 4.5




I wouldn't waste your time with these . . .

Kansas City Royals at Cleveland Indians

Aug. 19th-21st

The 2 cents: Come and see two teams that are having terrible years this year . . . the prize for however wins this series: Fourth Place in the AL Central!


New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays

Aug. 19th-21st

The 2 cents: A series with the Yankees may seem must-see but instead, here are two teams who have totally stopped trying this season and are just going to play the rest out.



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