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So I figured I would write another "Ramblings from Cbus" , since my last one was received so well a couple months ago.  Like I said it s been awhile since I just talked about all things Columbus, so some of you Southern might either love it or hate it, because of my love for my town.  Then again, I like to complain about other things to so here we go....


College football is about 2 weeks out; I can't wait for the start of the season for a lot of reasons.

One being the chance to actually watch something besides re-runs of the Big Ten's greatest games on The Big Ten Network. You can only watch Michigan play Washington and Indiana beat Purdue so many times. Not that's it's a bad thing to have handy considering the alternatives....

I have to say that I am more curious this about the south than I have been in the past. Before I came to FN I could have cared less about any other conference or team besides OSU and of course that team up north.  After being here for a little over a year now and developing a weird sort of respect and friendship with some of you, I want to watch the LSU's, the Florida State's, and the Oklahoma's play in more than a filler bowl game before the Buckeyes come on. So for that thanks guys for getting me more involved or evolved into a better fan.

I know, no OSU yet, I'll get there last...

On to a couple rants....

The Olympics, hahahaha

OK, first off I don't care about China winning or cheating or whatever anyone wants to call it. This maybe unpopular, but honestly I could care less about who wins or loses unless it's the USA.  I don't care who they lose to, or who they beat. I just care about them. Second place is second place whether it's China or Russia or whoever. On the flip side a win is a win, and I always feel like the US is only really competing with itself....

Brett Favre


Ocho Cinco

See Ramblings from Cbus vol. 1


You guys never I mean never cease to amaze me, I can honestly say you might be have some of the best most knowledgeable fans in the country, and then again some of the biggest idiots...but the same can be said of OSU, lol.

Early predictions

I think the NC will be someone from left field, I would love OSU to beat UGA in the game but I have a horrible feeling it won't happen, I still remember 98, and it's eerily similar....

I think no one from the WAC gets it done and plays spoiler this year.NC

I think the Big Ten has a resurgence and the SEC stumbles (not a lot, but has its troubles).

I think Nebraska has a solid year under the new coach. Ditto UCLA.

I think Michigan State has a surprising top three finish in the Big Ten.

Michigan on the heels of a blowout win against Utah, gets 8 wins...


And the grand finale, THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES!

I don't know if any other fans have this bubbly feeling in their stomachs about this year, but I do.

There is just so much to live up to and so much more to out to rest. I have all the confidence in the world with this team. I think they are experienced, well coached, and ready to kill that 500 lb. monkey on their back.  I am just nervous, I haven't been nervous for a football season since I hung up the cleats, but there is so much that can happen and I think its all good. Im not contradicting myself, I still think somehow the Bucks get shut out of the NC game, ala Auburn.


Anyway, I'm done comment all you want or not, but keep up the good work guys, its always a pleasure!


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