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Well, over the last couple of days, there has been a lot going on not involving Michael Phelps. We had excitement and controversy in gymnastics and track.

Forget Usain Bolt. Yes, he looks like he should go down as the greatest ever in the 100 so far, but there was a lot that you had to hate about his final. Okay, so the race was already won, but he should never have started showboating before the race. Or after the race, for that matter. It was simply disrespectful to the games and everything that it stands for. I mean, he can't go an extra twenty meters as hard as he can before he begins his jubilation? It's pathetic. Now I never want him to break Michael Johnson's 200 record of 19.32, three tenths of a second faster than Tyson Gay's fastest time(second ever overall), but if he is fast enough to break it in the final on Wednesday, he better go for it. I don't care how far ahead you are, you should never mock the other racers while the clock is still ticking. That said, I think he will break it someday, but not for another couple of years. And if he lets up early this time around in the 200, 2004 silver medalist Shawn Crawford has a shot to be right there behind him, just like young Walter Dix could be.

Also from that race, fellow Jamaican Asafa Powell had to be extremely disappointed in himself. He proved yet again that he can't show up in races when it really matters. He should have won the silver medal in that race with Tyson Gay still struggling from his lack of training following his hamstring injury. Walter Dix also looks to have a bright future in the sport. After getting the 100 bronze, he should be a favorite to win a medal in the 200. After all, he does have the fifth fastest time ever, and with countrymen Michael Johnson retired and Tyson Gay out because of his fall at the US team trials, Dix will medal as long as he races well. And at only 22, you have to expect him to compete with the best at these games for years to come.

Now for Liu Xiang. He was the face of the games for China. Even more so than their international superstar, Yao Ming. He was amazing in Athens, and his people expected the same from him this time around. While he very well may have lost to world record holder Dayron Robles of Cuba, that never even crossed the minds of Liu's countrymen. We knew coming into this that he was hurting, but we still expected him to race. Before the start of his first round race yesterday, he even knew that he shouldn't and probably couldn't race. But he tried, and if not for the false start, he would have at least started the race. Although he must be very disappointed in what unfolded this time around, he can at least take pride in the huge amount of respect that he showed to his country simply by trying. His show of sportsmanship is the exact opposite of what we saw from Bolt.

Now, I think we can all feel bad for Americans Alicia Sacrimone and Nastia Liukin. Liukin, the all-around gold medalist, tied for the best score in the uneven bars with Chinese gymnast He Kexin. After looking at the second tiebreaker that would not have been used in previous Olympic games, He was given the gold medal. This tiebreaker was absolutely ridiculous, and Nastia should have been given a second gold, and not the silver that she didn't deserve.

We can never forget the injustice delivered to Sacrimone, either. Cheng Fei won the bronze by .025 points over Sacrimone, but she certainly didn't deserve it. She fell on the landing of one of her two vaults, meaning that she should have received major deductions. A total of 1.6 points to be exact, which would and should have placed her in fifth place. I don't know how, but this event just had Chinese conspiracy written all over it. There is no way that OLYMPIC OFFICIALS should have ever missed those massive deductions for such terrible landings.


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