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More controversy in Nascar Nation this week and it doesn't involve anyone with a name of Jr.  Nascar wants to change the Nextel Cup series to something with Sprint in the title (since Sprint has bought Nextel).  From people I have talked to, Sprint phone service stinks unless you're in a metropolitan area., or along an interstate.  Once you get out of town, your service fades.  Sprint is suppose to be spending around $75 million/year to sponsor the elite series in Nascar and another $75 million for marketing the name and it's association with Nascar.  If your service is bad, should some of that $150 million be better spent on upgrading your towers and other phone services?   Nextel Cup has never had a good ring to it for me.  Nascar Nextel Series sounded better, but the France family never called me for my opinion and I doubt if they do now with the Sprint thing. 

The Atlanta Braves have feuding in the clubhouse between John Smoltz and Chipper Jones.  I think the comments made (can be seen under the MLB page of fannation) are mainly due to frustration over the team's performance.  The Braves go something like 50 innings without a run scored, Andruw is batting under .200, Smoltz has 5 runs scored on him in one inning the other night, McCann gets thrown out of a game Saturday because of arguing a called third strike in the 9th.  The team feels they should be doing better than they are.  The realize the Braves have a chance to challenge the Mets for the division and they see it slipping away.  Guys, here's a suggestion.  Let's get together, air your differences and put it behind you.  The in house fighting will only make the slide you're in worse.  Everyone needs to get on the same page.  Here's another thought - just go to the ball park and have some fun again. 

Brady Quinn, you need to sign a reasonable contract the Browns offer.  You haven't done squat yet in the NFL.  You're a rookie without NFL game experience.  Playing Madden '07 doesn't count.  The only way you are going to get a huge contract is sign a smaller first, say maybe for three or four years.  After that you renogiate for a bigger one.  If you hold out, it will create a lack of respect among the Browns and veteran players.  Get over the fact you got drafted at #22 instead of the top 5 and move on with life.  You'll make more money in your first year than I will in several years. 

 And in closing, if Jermaine O'Neal wants to be traded from the Indiana Pacers, the Pacers need to get rid of him - now.  If someone doesn't want to be in your organization that bad, then you don't want them there either.  Their bad attitude will drag others down with him creating bad morale and a losing season.  We Pacers fans have seen our share of losing seasons and we kind of got spoiled challenging for the Eastern Conference title.  We want that winning attitude back. 


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