I love fantasy football. It's something I anticipate each year on the last weekend of August- The Draft. Each Sunday brings cheers and excitement, the agony of defeat, and the bragging rights to your buddies on the following Monday. But a mock draft should be a guide towards every fantasy owner. 

    I have 10 teams set up. Team A has the first pick, finishing up with team J who has the last. I will try drafting each team as if I'm the manager of the team.

Round 1

Team A: Ladainian Tomlinson RB
Team B: Adrian Peterson RB
Team C: Brian Westbrook RB
Team D: Joseph Addai RB
Team E: Steven Jackson RB
Team F: Tom Brady QB
Team G: Marshawn Lynch RB
Team H: Randy Moss WR
Team I: Clinton Portis RB
Team J: Tony Romo QB

The obvious: 5 RBs go with the first 5 picks. In my opinion, that's how it should be this year. Take a look athe the RBs after Jackson. Lynch is probably the next best back, and even he isn't considered an elite 1st round pick in my book. It's highly unlucky Brady repeats last season's stats. As a matter in fact, I don't even think he comes close. A season with 35-40 TDs would be most realistic.

The best value pick: Randy Moss at 8. The guy has all the ability in the world to repeat his 07 season even if his QB doesn't. He's still in a league of his own.

Riskiest pick: I'm gonna make that picks. I have 3. I know. A lot for round 1.

-Marshawn Lynch: He had more problems in the offseason than Brittney Spears and Lindsay Lohan combined. Scary. A DUI incident, drug possession, and the accident when he ran over a woman, and fled the scene. To top that, he plays for the Bills. Yes, he has no competition. But, opposing defenses will most likely stack that box on him with a poor passing game. It's his 2nd season, and we've seen 2nd year players falter after an impressive rookie season (Cadillac Williams is probably the best example).

-Clinton Portis: IF he's healthy, it's a great pick. That's a big if. He was great last season, but it always seems like this guy is hurt. He may be too big of an injury risk for me in the 1st round.

-Tony Romo: A QB drafted in the 1st round this year not named Brady? QBs are the new RBs? Romo Romo Romo. Not a bad pick, especially his high expectations for him this season.

Memo to Romo owners: Keep Jessica as far as possible.

Of course, I picked these picks as a real draft would work out. I think all 10 picks are very solid. I'm listing the risks here for you to be aware of because as owners of Frank Gore, Larry Johnson, Rudi Johnson, Shaun Alexander, and Reggie Bush know, you can't win the league in the 1st round, but you can certianly lose it.


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