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True Big Ten Stories makes its triumphant return.  I know, I know you're all celebrating.  Anyways, this paticular True Big Ten Story is paticularly meaningful to's none other than the University of Wisconsin.  So here we go..let's do a bit of learning shall we?

The story of Bucky a relatively interesting one.  Once again for those of you who don't really remember..with the help of Wikipedia(it's legit).  With Bucky Badger..I actually didn't even know most of here we go...

Bucky Badger was officially introduced as the UW mascot in 1940, however he didn't have the name of Bucky fact he had no name.  He was originally just a drawing.  However, for home football games during that time a live badger from Eau Claire(it's near the Minnesota border for those of you that don't know) was brought in to be on the sidelines.  The real life badger was considered too dangerous, and was also considered too difficult to handle.  So, the badger was moved to the Henry Vilas Zoo, which is in Madison.  After the badger idea failed the University decided to have a raccoon on the sidelines..the raccoon's name was Regdab(badger spelled backwards).  

Finally in 1949 a giant badger headpiece was created, for a student to wear during games.  When the headpiece was created the University of Wisconsin decided to hold a contest to name the badger head.  The winning was Buckingham U. Badger, now known as Bucky Badger.  Bucky is one of the original members of the Mascot Hall of Fame. 

Bucky is a very interactive mascot...over the years he's had staged fights with Minnesota's Goldy Gopher as well as Purdue's mascot.  Also during football games Bucky can be found throughout the stadium..generally at or around any of the student sections.  

The role of Bucky Badger is strictly voluntary.  Unlike at other schools where students can get a scholarship or be paid to be the mascot being Bucky is something students do for free.  Tryouts are held each year..and it's a pretty grueling process..generally 7 students are chosen to be Bucky..because Bucky tends to appear at events all over the great state of Wisconsin as well as all major UW athletic events.  

There was actually some controversey over Bucky Badger.  A lot of businesses would use Bucky Badger to help promote their busineses.  In 1988 the University of Wisconsin formed trademark licensing program for the Bucky logo..which many businesses didn't like, because they'd have to pay UW for the use of Bucky.  Eventually the United States Patent and Trademark Office sided with UW..because Bucky Badger was a specific logo of the University of Wisconsin and no other business.  I hope this part made sense..I did my best to explain it.  

In 2003 Bucky was given a new show that he is only University property..and can't be used by any other business. Well, that's it for now.


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