I think everyone would agree that the media loves to sensationalize the problematic sports stories.  Who hasn't had enough of this player arrested or this player being investigated, and I get it, these stories certainly appeal to the lurid side of a fan's interest.  However, I wanted to take a minute to talk about some recent stories that made me feel good as simply a sports fan, so here goes.

Ken Griffey Jr.

Did anyone see the reception that this guy received when he returned to Seattle for the first time since he was traded away in 1999?  Hats off to the Seattle fans for recognizing the amazing career that Griffey has had and for welcoming him back with ovations every time he came to bat.  And Griffey didn't disappoint, hitting a couple of homers in the game yesterday, the last one a classic deep, high drive off a sign in the right field stands.  Mariner's fans showed how classy fans can be towards a visiting player and as a side note Griffey passed Mark McGwire on the all time HR list.  Nice to see a player who has done things the right way pass someone who represents the wrong way to succeed. 

Oregon State Baseball

The Beavers became the first team in a decade to repeat as CWS champions.  Not only did they win this thing, they absolutely dominated the competition even though they lost the majority of last year's national champion team.  It was refreshing to watch these guys play hard every single minute of every game, for the love of the game.  I'd love to see this team as is play against say maybe the Texas Rangers, I bet they would give them all they could handle.

Giguere re-signs with Ducks

How about one for team loyalty?  He signed a 4 year, $24 million dollar contract, sure a ton of money but he certainly could have made more in the free agent market.  Nice to see a guy put his teammates before the almighty dollar for a change. 

Matt Holliday

Ok, so I am finally on the bandwagon rooting like crazy for this kid.  Leads the majors in hitting at around a .360 clip and this guy was a 7th round draft choice.  Talk about a feel good story!  Although he probably won't be voted in by the fans as an All Star because he is in Colorado, please make sure he is a coach's pick.  It would be a travesty if he wasn't rewarded with the season that he is having so far this year. 

Tiger Woods - Family Values

Congratulations to Tiger and his wife on the birth of their daughter and here is the part that I love as a parent.  He withdrew from the Buick Open to spend time with the family!  Now the last time I watched golf on television I seem to remember Tiger and Buick being pretty close on the commercial side of things.  Good to see that Tiger's priorities are in the right place and that Buick didn't try to force him to appear in the tourney.

Happy Monday everyone, let's all place nice in the sand box this week.





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