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Prove It

There, I am a Big Ten fan, and I admitted it.  Just look at their record from 2002

National Title

That title was fraudulent.  I don't care that you beat the PAC 10 champion, your opponent in the title game beat the ACC champion, any more than I care that the title game was played between the only 2 undefeated champions from the major conferences in 2002.

The truth is that you won on a bad call in OT, which shows you weren't good enough to play for the title (try not to think on these too long - the people who create these concepts certainly didn't)

It doesn't matter to me that the game wouldn't have gone into OT if it wasn't for 2 missed calls on the same play giving Miami the tie, nor does it matter that in the course of the game there were dozens of bad/missed calls that could have changed the outcome because, quite frankly, these facts are contrary to the point I am trying to make and will therefore be completely ignored.

I will tell you right now, you were there because your conference is weak.  I don't care if your conference beat 8 teams (1/3 of the total) from the top 1/3 of the other major conferences that year.  I could care less that these wins encompass at least 1 team from each of the major conferences, because you just don't understand how that is contradictory to my point and will also be ignored.

The simple and obvious truth is that all I have to knock you about concerning your title is 1 bad call among many made or missed, which I will remind you of again and again because I hate your team and, quite frankly, that is all I have to cling to concerning the subject.

So what if they have a National Championship?  So does Texas, Florida, USC, and LSU has 2!  See, there's 4 other teams with just as many if not more titles.  You're lousy, and I hate you because you are lousy!

Losses to the National Champion

You've lost 3 games to the National Champion in those 6 years.  3 games!  What type of cruddy team loses to the National Champion 3 times in 6 years?  Florida beat a National Champion in 2003, and Auburn beat the national Champion in 2006.  Heck, even Arkansas and Kentucky beat the National Champion in 2007.

And what do all of these losses have in common?  That's right, they were SEC teams defeating the SEC national Champion.  Despite the fact the SEC faced the poser OSU in 2 of the title game and pummeled a team that didn't win their conference in the 3rd, when you consider all of this it only goes to show the SEC 1 and 2 loss champions were legitimate while the other 3 undefeated champions were illegitimate garbage posers.

You Are Lousy Against Other Conference Champions

Over the last 6 years you are a mere 3-3 against champions from the other major 6 conferences - average and pedestrian.  The 3 losses to 3 National Champions show you are weak, the 3 wins show you haven't played anyone legitimate.

You Play Nobody

So what if you have accumulated a record of 11-3 against the other major conferences?

All 3 of those losses were against the national Champion showing just how weak you are.

Only 6 of the 14 games - less than 50% - were against the conference champion.

Only 7 of the games were against teams that finished in the top 1/3 of a major conference - a mere 50% against the top 1/3.

Heck, only 10 of the 14 teams finished in the top ?? of their conference.  The other 4 of the 14?  Scrubs.

Why would you schedule 4 scrubs in 6 years?  I mean, if you were any good, wouldn't you always play top teams like a long, long list of other teams like, well, like... they escape me for the moment, but did I mention Youngstown State - I don't think I have mentioned Youngstown State?

See - there - Youngstown State - you play nobody!

You have no Athletes

Your recruiting is as pedestrian as your record (that's my word of da day ya know... PEDESTRIAN).

They are all big and slow.  Of the last 7 you only have 3 recruiting classes ranked in the top 7, 4 in the top 11.  How do you expect to compete with mediocre 3 star athletes like LB Laurinaitis and CB Jenkins, or 2 star athletes like WR Robiskie?  It is not like OSU has 4 and 5 star recruits at every position - they must be starting another handful of scrubs just like those already mentioned.

You Only Win because the Big 10 Sucks!

Let's face it - everyone knows they're lousy.

I mean in the last 6 years, they are only 60-54 against the other major conferences - barely above 50%

In the last 4 years your cruddy conference is only 8-6 against the SEC.  If your conference was any good, wouldn't they be further above .500?

Sure, the Big 10 is 11-6 against the Big East over the last 6 years, but everyone is comfortably above .500 against the Big East except maybe the SEC (5-11), the Big 12 (4-6), and the PAC 10 (5-4).  There, see - the PAC 10 is well above .500

Then there's the ACC where you are 9-5 over the past 6 years.  A lot of other conferences are above .500 against the ACC like the SEC and, well, there's the SEC...

Ah, the Big 12 is 14-12 against the Big 10.  The Big 12 has dominated the Big 10 with their 14-12 record.  There - a loosing record - that proves your conference sucks!

(lets move on to my next point quickly)

The Big 10 Plays a Weak Schedule

Out of 114 games against the other major 6 conferences, only 38% have been played against the top 1/3 - that's just 5% more than the average.

Only 57% have been played against teams from the top half.  That's not much more than the average.

A full 27% have been played against the bottom 1/3!  Again, that's almost average.

I mean, if they were any good, shouldn't they be playing like 80% of their games against the top 1/3 from the other major conferences?  Instead you coast by with a schedule just 5% to 7% above average.  You schedule nobody!



And did I mention Youngstown State?  There - Youngstown State - that proves the Big 10 plays a weak schedule!


OSU Only Wins Their Conference Because it is so Weak!

The mere fact that they have won their conference 3 times in 6 years proves OSU and the Big 10 sucks!

I mean, if they were like the PAC 10 where USC has won the title 5 times, or even the Big 12 where Oklahoma has won the title 4 times, it would prove they are as awesome as the conference whose title these teams have won.

If they had won it fewer times like the SEC or the Big East that would prove just how tough the conference is an how great their champions are.

But no, OSU has won it 3 times - jut like the cruddy FSU of the cruddy ACC in 2002 thru 2005.

Don't you see - winning the Big 10 title just 3 times rather than more or less proves OSU and the rest of the Big 10 sucks!


There.  I think I definitely proved that if you put logic and reason and any relevant facts aside, both OSU and the Big 10 suck!




Is that the point y'all been trying to make?  After all, who am I to argue with the collective genius of Fan Nation?

December 7, 2013  08:27 PM ET

U will get smoked again this yr...the sec has 7 teams in the top 25 was 8, 3 in the top 5. Osu had to compete againsta murderous to other top 25 teams and should have lost to an unranked michigan. Meanwhile any one loss team in the sec came to a ranked sec that wld also destroy osu

December 7, 2013  08:28 PM ET

Oh and ur teams are slow and boring..fsu will win the title

December 7, 2013  11:54 PM ET

I almost forgot...auburn has beat two top 5 teams....osu, zero top 25 teams


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