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Lakers#1: Roll Tide

I know most of the talk in basketball lately has been about the Redeem Team's quest for redemption and a Gold Medal. The USA came out victorious over Spain and reached their goal. For this blog though I have chosen to talk about some of the important games on the NBA schedule for 2008-2009.


October 28th- Opening night

What more can you ask for on an opening night than the double header there is that night. LeBron James and the Cavaliers go to Boston on Ring Night to face the defending champion Celtics. The 2nd half of the double header is Greg Oden's debut (hopefully) against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.


October 30th- Rockets at Mavericks

The Mavs get to see first hand how good the trio of McGrady, Yao, and Artest will be. Has the acqisition of Artest reduced the Mavs to the 3rd best team in Texas? I guess we will find out.

November 4th- Celtics at Rockets

Two of the fiercest 3 some's in the NBA face off for the first time. If the Rockets plan on contending for the NBA title then this will be a good measuring stick game for them early on.

November 5th- Bobcats at Knicks

Larry Brown makes his return to Madison Square Garden with his new team.

November 9th- Rockets at Lakers

The Lakers really wanted to get Ron Artest in Purple and Gold, and failed to do so. So they will get to see him for the first time here. Also, has the Artest trade made the Rockets one of the best in the West? This game will show if the Rockets have become one of the elite.

November 10th- Blazers at Magic

The future Vs. The now. Howard Vs. Oden for the first time. This will showcase how good of a defender Oden is going up against Dwight Howard.

November 18th- Cavaliers at Nets

Could LeBron be with the Nets after the 2010 season? As for now he is with the Cavs.

November 20th- Lakers at Suns

Kobe has to wait all the way until November 20th to tell Shaq how is a$s tastes. You better believe that Kobe has this game circled on his calendar. Kobe has been silent on the whole Shaq rap matter, but he will let his play speak for itself.

November 21st- Celtics at T'wolves

A hamstring kept Garnett out of the last game in Minnesota. So we will get to see Garnett play in Minnesota for the first time not wearing a T'Wolfs uniform.

November 27th- NBA Returns to Thanksgiving Day

Double header on Thanksgiving between the Magic and Wizards and then after that you have the Hornets traveling to play the Nuggets.

November 28th- Heat at Suns

Shawn Marion makes his return to Phoenix for the first time in a Miami uniform.

December 15th- Knicks at Suns

Mike D'Antoni makes his return to Phoenix for the first time with his new team. Should be an interesting game, especially if D'Antoni has gotten his run and gun offense going in New York. Could be a shoot-out in the desert.

December 17th- Spurs at Hornets

These two meet for the first time since Game 7 of the Western Conference Semifinals. This should be a very fun game to watch.

December 22nd- Lakers at Grizzlies

Pau Gasol makes his return to Memphis for the first time since being given, I mean traded to the Lakers.

December 25th- Christmas Day

A record 5 NBA Games on National TV on Christmas Day. We open it up on ESPN with the Hornets at Magic. Then an ABC double-header. Spurs at Suns and then the NBA Finals rematch the Celtics at Lakers. Later on TNT there is a double-header with the Wizards at Cavs and then Dallas at Portland to finish it off.

December 26th- Chicago at Miami

How do you follow up a Christmas Day with 5 big games? How about the first matchup between the #1 and # 2 overall picks. Rose Vs. Beasley for the first time.

December 31st- 76ers at Clippers

We finish of the Calendar year with Elton Brand's return to Los Angeles with his new team.

January 7th- Hornets at Jazz

Deron Williams seems to always get the better of Chris Paul in there previous matchups. Will that stay true? Two of the best PG's in the NBA face off for the first time this season.

January 16th- Raptors at Pacers

Jermaine O'Neal makes his return to Indiana. Then there is the PG matchup between Jose Calderon and TJ Ford.

January 19th- Cavaliers at Lakers

The two best players in the NBA face-off for the first time this season. You can't have a long list of these games without the King James and Black Mamba matchup being on there.

January 25th- Clippers at Warriors

Baron Davis should get a pretty warm reception when he makes his return to Golden State. Should be a pretty good matchup of two teams who are battling for a playoff berth.

February 5th- Lakers at Celtics

The 2nd Finals rematch of the season. This time it will be in Boston. These two should be competing for the best record in the NBA.

February 6th- Sonics at Blazers

Hopefully we will be seeing the first matchup between Durant and Oden in the NBA.

February 15th- All Star Game

February 18th Nuggets at 76ers

Iverson will get to see what the new look 76ers look.

March 4th- Suns at Heat

Shaq makes his return to Miami for the first time since being dealt to the Desert.

March 19th- Warriors at Lakers

Why is this game important you may ask? Because it's on my birthday so shutup.

April 9th- Rockets at Kings

Everybody including Ron Artest has to wait 78 games before getting to see his return to Arco Arena.

April 15th- End of the Regular Season.



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